Happy IWSG Day!- 2016 Writing Plans

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Happy IWSG Day! It’s December 2, the first Wednesday of a new month. And the final month of 2015. With a new year of possibility, triumphs and of course doubts awaiting for us in the new year just 29 days away. And who can we thank for bringing us together, year after year, as each one of us partake on our writing journeys? Ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh, of course.

After all, E.L. Doctorow said it best,“Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”  A trip made better with you along.

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What are my worries for this month? Well I’m worried I might be a little too lofty with my 2016 writing plans. Again. For 2015, I’d aimed to write more interesting content for my blog. Make book blog posts of my fantasy work in progress novels. And complete two poetry manuscripts. As well as a nonfiction how-to guide. I’d planned for about 6 major writing related projects in 2015. Half of which I was able to do. I’d feel bad (sometimes I kind of do) but plans aren’t written in stone. And life happens and readjustments had to be made.

Besides, there were things that happened this year that went outside of my plans. I did a special 30 Days of Poetry Love project. And featured 30 poet interviews for National Poetry Month. I also participated in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). And made the switch from Weebly to WordPress.com. So that’s cause to celebrate, right?

Anyways, I’d think I’d learned my lesson but again for 2016 I made some lofty writing goals. Instead of the one major writing project I’ve planned to commit myself to, I have 3. Finishing the rewrite, revise/edit my Nadia the Fire Witch work in progress to query. Rewrite and revise/edit my NaNoWriMo novel Dreaming of You. Then enter it in the Wattpad-Harlequin So You Think You Can Write contest. Rewrite and revise/edit my second NaNoWriMo story The Soul Traveler. I know I’m bad at math but I can’t be that bad. No wait, I’m definitely bad at math. I have 4 writing projects not 3. Forgot to include finishing Triplicity, a full length poetry collection.

Then I was also thinking of participating in the A to Z challenge next year and tie it to National Poetry Month. Maybe do an A to Z poem, writing one line poems that build into one whole poem. Covering A to Z, another poetry month special & NaPoWriMo. Three birds, one stone.

Well it’s back to the planning board for me. And figuring out some micro-productive goals that’ll work for me. Probably focus on just two major priorities. Triplicity will come first, as soon as I’m done with The Soul Traveler rough draft. Because there is a poetry award I want to submit it to in April. Then Nadia the Fire Witch, which I’ll have the rest of the year to polish, polish and polish. And have the rest as place holders if I ever need a break from the story and work on them instead. Especially since The Soul Traveler would need my attention mid-year. I can let it stew, make notes and come back to it then. And come back to Dreaming of You in February and again during the latter half of the year for some major overhaul. Then light edits before I post it on Wattpad. When the So You Think You Can Write Wattpad-Harlequin contest starts in mid-summer and ends in early Fall.

Hmm, kinda sounds like a plan.

How was 2015 towards your writing/publishing aspirations? Any shout outs you want to give? Made any writing plans for 2016?

PS The last #PitMad of the year is two days from now, on December 4th. So if you have a completed manuscript, interested in participating, then mark your calendars. And schedule your Twitter pitches. There are even some new rules which you could read more about it here. For more information, check out my previous #PitMad posts:

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Pitch

Are You Ready for #PitMad?

#PitMad Round III- The Do’s and Don’t’s of PitMad

***And for science fiction and fantasy authors, the 2nd and final #SFFpit is on December 10. You have 8 days to prepare and they have new rules as well. Check out Dan Koboldt’s site to find out more.  And check out my post “Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Rejoice!- #SFFpit Is Coming!”

PSS I’ll be on a blogging break from now on but I do have scheduled cover reveal posts for you to enjoy. And of course I will post something special for Christmas and New Year’s. Until then, I’ll be working on The Soul Traveler rough draft as part two of my NaNoWriMo. And immersing myself into the world of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo novel. Happy Holidays!

BEGIN 2016 WRITE 2.0


    • Thanks Diane. It’s just like how it’s better to have loved and lost than not at all. Between having high goals and reaching for them and low goals but not reaching them, the former is obviously the only way to go.


  1. This article brings to mind a quote, “Aim for the moon, if you miss you still land among the stars!! Congratulations on the accomplishments in 2015 and may 2016 shower you in Blessings!! Great article!!

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  2. I’m exactly like this–I make huge plans for the year, but then I sort of careen my way through the months and only get some of them done. I think I need to take smaller bites.

    I’ve actually got two fulls out with agents from the last PitMad, so I’m wondering if I should do it again this time–I probably will. After all, no one has said yes yet!

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    • Yup, that’s just how it’s been for me. Hoping to manage it better this time at least by being more flexible with my planning. And at the same time setting micro goals to achieve them. Good luck with your 2016 plans and #PitMad (if you take part). I’ll be cheering you on!


  3. I was published by Cactus Heart Press in January! I also revamped my blog twice this year. The most recent one to incorporate more about my WIP and my love for Final Fantasy games. I like that quote about driving. It’s very true!

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    • I’m a sucker for quotes and E.L. Doctorow couldn’t have said it better. Congrats for all the things you’ve accomplished in 2015. Hope 2016 will bless you with even more!


    • You know, I completely forgot about #SFFpit until you mentioned you’re skipping the last #PitMad of the year. Anyways, I’m glad 2015 was a very good year and hope you have an even better 2016.

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  4. Looking back at 2015, I did fulfill my writing/publishing goals and learned a lot in the process. I finished and published Time Trip: A Dinosaur Musical, which is my first published book. I started a blog. I worked on marketing my book. For me, that was like driving in the fog at night with NO headlights.

    For 2016, I plan to edit and publish my next book, Red Flags. Maybe I’ll crank out a short story or two. For some reason, I have trouble finishing short stories!

    Good luck to you all on your 2016 writing/publishing goals!

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  5. I always try to make goals, then forget about them halfway through. I really need to find a better way of keeping focused on my goals! I did manage to finish a rewrite of my novel WIP this year, and that’s probably my biggest accomplishment, since I took it back to the drawing board earlier this year. 🙂

    2016, well, I plan on revising & editing my novel WIP and either submitting to agents or else looking more into self-publishing. I do want to self-pub a couple of short stories I have written, and need to get those done too. I should write those down…

    Sounds like you had a great year and are looking forward to another great one! Keep it up!

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  6. The New Year is just 29 days away? I hadn’t done the math. Gosh, so little time left to do the things we need to do in 2015. Lofty goals can be good but we have to set big goals that we can reach. Usually one big goal is enough for me with a list of smaller goals.

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    • I know, 2015 really has flown. Never seen a year pass by so fast. But I like your approach, 1 big goal and a bunch of smaller goals. Thought to do the same but now will have to prioritize to having two big goals and back ups. Happy Holidays!

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    • Thanks Claudine. I really tried to set realistic goals for 2016 this time. But still managed to list lofty goals. Oh well, accomplishing more than half is still better than none at all.


    • Thanks Diane. Still can’t help a twinge of regret that I couldn’t accomplish all of what I wanted to do this year. But there’s no use in wallowing since I did a lot more than I give myself credit for. And looking forward to 2016. Just with better planning and remembering that things happen. So go with the flow. Be flexible.


  7. You are really ambitious. Although I seem to have a similar problem – I too plan to do too much. I guess it’s better to have a full plate. I keep telling myself it’s a question of better time management. I have two major writing projects for 2016, but I am also moving my blog to self-hosted and trying to build my email list. I did A-Z and NaPoWriMo in April and that’s the plan for this year as well.

    Best of luck.

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  8. I published two short stories this year. Next year, I begin work on my creative thesis for my MFA, but I plan to publish at least two more stories, outside of that project, before the end of this year as well. One is part of a series, so I’ll have no choice but to write more to keep going!

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