Happy 1yr Anniversary Can You Catch My Flow?

can you catch my flow smashwords

On this day last year, on December 3, 2014, I self-published my poetry chapbook “Can You Catch My Flow?”

Before I released my poetry chapbook out into the world, I submitted it to many chapbook contests. And just when I was considering about self-publishing, Finishing Line Press sent me an ‘accepted.’ Then a publishing contract. I hemmed and hawed most of the summer to whether I’d sign the contract. In the end I decided to go ahead with the self-publishing route.

Once I uploaded my manuscript to Smashwords, I’ve been marketing and promoting it as best I can. And not really knowing what the hell I’m doing. Despite that I created a book trailer. Did an author interview on IndieView and even got a glowing review.

So to celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary, for one whole week, Can You Catch My Flow? will be available at 50% off discount. Just use the coupon code TB99P on Smashwords  during checkout. It’s also now available at the same discounted price on Amazon.



  1. Thank you sharing your inspiring story (and offering such a generous discount). If I can ask, was there any particular reason(s) you chose self-publishing over the contract? I know I’m intending to self-publish a novel early next year at free/minimum cost. If I had the chance to publish via a mainstream publisher with the chance of profit I’d be very tempted, but my concerns would be about authorial control/editing and I wonder if that played into your brave decision.

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    • I had already made my decision. I just had to decide between using Smashwords or Amazon Kindle (now I’ve uploaded my manuscript on both). I chose self-publishing over the contract for a few reasons: full control over publishing rights, I wanted see what I can do by taking full responsibility in putting my book out into the world. And still learning too in regards to marketing and promotion. Oh, I still aspire to become traditionally published but no one said you had to do one or the other. So for shorter works, like poetry chapbooks and short story collections, I can selfpublish. While submitting/querying the larger manuscripts, like my work in progress novel(s) to agents. Which makes me a hybrid author. Whether you self publish there is a cost, for example cover design, editing & proofreading, etc. The real cost is how much you value your book to give it its best foot forward.


  2. Happy Birthday to “Can You Catch My Flow?” 🙂 I LOVE that cover and the title! It appeals to the musician in me…

    Lots of writers are going the hybrid route. Authors have choices and don’t have to stick to any one thing. We can mix and match as we go. A really exciting prospect.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀

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    • Since I remembered the anniversary at the last minute, I didn’t have enough time to gather the aid of other readers and writers to promote it for me. So the sales aren’t too stellar. Next time, I’ll create a Google doc book promotion sign -up form in advance. So people can help promote it on their social media.


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