Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors Rejoice- #SFFpit is Coming!

Credit image: GraphicStock
Credit image: GraphicStock

An interesting thing happened two weeks ago. As you know June 4th was #PitMad day. I couldn’t take part, but I did my fair share of cheering and retweeting. After awhile I searched the Twitter feed for authors pitching their fantasy genre-subgenre novels. And stumbled onto something called #SFFpit.

Of course, I was all ‘what in the what?’ Curious, I clicked the link and what did I discover? Another and more genre focused pitching contest. Geared towards, and you guessed it by the ‘SFF,’ science fiction & fantasy authors.

Now here’s a bit of history about #SFFpit…It was first held on June 11, 2014 and December 9, 2014. So this is their second year. Didn’t have much success with your SSF manuscript last #PitMad session? Well, you now have a second chance.

#SFFpit is exclusively for science fiction and fantasy authors. It follows the same rules as #PitMad. But unlike #PitMad, it takes place twice a year instead of four. June 18th, this upcoming Thursday is the first #SFFpit challenge of the year. The next one takes place again in December 2015.

Your pitch has to introduce your MC, stakes, conflict, or title/book comparisons. As well as the age category. If it’s young adult (YA), new adult (NA), middle grade (MG), etc. And the book’s genre/subgenre.

Not sure what your subgenre is? Then read Connor Goldsmith’s “SF/F Subcatergories” definitions. Don’t know what subcategory hashtag to use? Click the following link and scroll down to find the subgenre tags.

Also read Dan Koboldt’s “9 Ways to Get Ready for #SFFpit.”

I’m not participating in this Twitter pitch. But I will be cheer leading. Hopefully, I will next year and in the meantime I’ve written some practice pitches (needs some tweaking) for my work in progress, an epic fantasy, “Harbingers of El Tinor“:

  • Aithne wants to secure her rights as heir. Cassandra only wants to save a dear friend, the world be damned. And Lucinda seeks to destroy the world per His command. Who will prevail? #SFFpit #EF
  • 17yo Aithne only wanted to secure her rights as heir &gain recognition as a swordswoman. Who knew she had to face the wrath of a god to do so. #SFFpit #EF
  • What does a runaway noblewoman, a seer & an insurgent have in common? Nothing. But the fate of the continent. #SFFpit #EF

Happy #SFFpit!


  1. This is such a cool concept. I’m not sure how I’d do having to combine all those elements into a single Tweet (and make it sound intriguing). It would be a challenge for me, that’s for sure. I’m sure you’ll meet lots of new people during the event and you’ll probably pick up a few pointers (I will check it out solely for that reason).

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really is a great event. Even more so for other authors than the agents. You get to connect with other writers writing in your specific genre. And you can use it as a study session. Learn from the pitches, to see what agents are interested in, what they’re looking for in pitches, etc.


  2. After finding that one, finding another which is similar and geared to a specific genre must be good! Especially good for those of this genre though, because there will be less pitches to sift through. I think they should do this for every genre, really 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know I was thinking the same thing. It’ll increase an author’s chances in meeting agents. But there are many other Twitter pitch and similar contests held throughout the year.


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