Happy 3 Year Blogiversary!

Happy 3yr Blogiversary


3 years. I’ve been blogging for 3 years!?

I know that might not seem as such a huge number but it is in my case. Because three years ago, I never thought I’d reach this day. Just four years ago, I never had any intention to blog. Even though I liked reading anime/manga and Asian drama enthusiast blogs.

Now, here I am today, a bonafide blogger myself. Whoa. Continue reading

Writing Plans for 2016

BEGIN 2016 WRITE 2.0

Well I’ve given it some thought and somehow managed to come up with a quasi writing plan for 2016. It’s definitely not made of stone, so there’s room for flexibility. And definitely I will not add any new ventures onto my plate unlike I did with 2015. Well at least, I’ll try.

First, I’ll critique 3 works on Scribophile every weekend. I need to build up my karma points so that I have enough to start uploading my work for critiques. It’ll  help to sharpen my critiquing skills too, as it’s gotten rather dull. So I’ll either focus on critiquing one set of poetry and two shorts or one short and one chapter (at a time if need be). Continue reading