Are You Ready for #PitMad?

#PitMad Is Back Again

Do you have a completed manuscript? Know someone who does? Sent queries but no agents/publishers are biting?

Well you’re in luck because #PitMad is back again! Three days from now, on June 4th, you’ll have a chance to pitch your completed novel on Twitter. Agents will be watching the Twitter feed for hashtag #PitMad from 8am to 8pm. Giving authors like you a chance to find an agent.

How can you participate? Well, by writing in 140 characters and less, a summary about your book. And adding the hashtag #PitMad and your novel’s category/genre, so agents can find you.

Just post twice an hour, a book summary introducing your protag(s), age/profession and their source of tension and conflict, etc. And make sure to have several different pitches to vary your posts throughout the day.

Here’s an example of a Twitter pitch I wrote for my work in progress, Nadia the Hidden Fire Witch:

16yo Nadia’s the new witch in a town full of secrets. And those secrets are coming for her.#PitMad #YA

You can read more about the rules and etiquette for #PitMad by reading a previous post Everything You Need to Know about Twitter Pitch. Which also has some other useful links about #PitMad as well.

PS Even if you’re not manuscript ready, you can still participate in #PitMad. Just retweet your favorite pitches, so that it can be higher on the Twitter feed. Remember, retweet, do not favorite, the pitches that piques your interest in reading the book. And or want to add to your shelf.


7 thoughts on “Are You Ready for #PitMad?

  1. That’s very helpful, Lidy. Thanks for posting about #PitMad. It’s a challenge to place the most important meaning of the manuscript within 140 characters. 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straighforward Fiction Book Reviews

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome Dino. I only learned about #PitMad from the previous one held this past March. I really just stumbled onto it but I think it’s a great idea. And would like as many authors to learn more about it and participate in the challenge.


  2. I can’t imagine summarising my manuscript in 140 characters but I guess some of the more creative minds are able to do it! I also really like the idea of this, because it can be hard for authors to connect with publishers sometimes. Thanks for teaching me about the event.


    • You’re welcome Olivia. And it is harder than you think. And I thought loglines and elevator pitches were hard. Try doing the same in 140 characters.


    • Lol, no. Just Twitter pitch ready. Still have a ways to go before I’m manuscript ready. And don’t worry, that heart pounding is a pounding of good things to come. It’s good that you scheduled them ahead of time too.

      Liked by 1 person

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