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“Baby Rhapsody” on my blog.

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“Responsibility” on my blog.

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“Ideal Beauty” on my blog.

“Hip Hop,” “Mestengo,” “Resilient,” “Road Trip,” “Tell it to the Bogeyman” and “Then and Now” on Versewrights.

“Things to Tell my Daughter,” “Things to Tell My Son,” “Penis Envy? I Think Not,” “It Happened,” “Self-Portrait” and “Lessons on Language” on Feminine Collective.



In The Match Game, six emerging authors describe how newfound lovers live out their fantasies in person and online.

Shrouded by the glow of a screen, users can choose who they want to be— and who they want to be with. Whether they desire one sizzling night of delight to take their mind off a recent heartbreak, or they are searching for a more tender, lasting connection, the Internet has something to satisfy all lovers’ deepest longings. Emboldened by anonymity and the ability to start anew, online daters garner the courage to venture out of their comfort zones and into new domains of passion.

Which red-hot story will be your favorite?

Featured Contributors:

Wolfgang Domino ♦ E. W. Farnsworth ♦ Shanjida Nusrath Ali ♦ Doc Raymond ♦ Mark Tulin ♦ and Lidy Wilks

Now available on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Indigo and Walmart.

Short/Full Length

can you catch my flow front coverWe wake and sleep every day. Growing up, as we must. In Can You Catch My Flow? the everyday ordinary events of the human condition are captured in poetic snapshots. No matter the walks of life, the reader is sure to find themselves within the lines.

Can You Catch My Flow? is a small collection of poetry. It’s a portrayal of thoughts, emotions and experiences when growing up. A rite of passage and nature of the human condition.

Now available on SmashwordsiBooksIndigoKobo OysterScribd! and Flipkart.

Now available on Amazon. Don’t have an Amazon Kindle? Then download the free Amazon kindle app for your phone, tablet or pc! Just follow the link here.

And available in paper back.

Read the IndieView.

Read the review.

Watch the trailer.


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