#PitMad Round III- The Do’s and Don’ts of PitMad

#PitMad Round III

Are you ready for another round of #PitMad? This Wednesday is round 3. And if you have a completed manuscript or you missed the last session, then here’s your chance.

But first, let’s go over the do’s and don’ts in participating in Twitter pitch.


  • Pitch your book in 140 and less characters
  • Include your book’s genre and subgenre hashtags
  • Apologize to your followers for the constant pitching
  • Pitch 2x an hour, from 8am-8pm
  • Show support by retweeting your favorite pitches
  • Research the agent/publisher whose favorited your pitch
  • Query and follow their submission guideline
  • Remind the agent/publisher why you’re contacting them in your query


  • Include images in your Twitter pitch
  • Query and contact an agent/publisher who did not favorite your pitch
  • Favorite pitches; the favorite button is for pitches agents/publishers like
  • Pitch an uncompleted manuscript
  • Pitch more than 2x an hour and under different/multiple accounts

To find out more about the rules of pitching on Twitter, read:

How to Write a Great Twitter Pitch by Ava Jae

Ten Tips for Twitter Pitching by Gina Denny

The 7 Rules of Twitter Pitching by Gina Denny

Monday Musings: Pitch to Win by Amy Trueblood

And if you happen to miss #PitMad this month, then there’s always the next one on December 4, 2015.
Are you participating in #PitMad? Have you participated in similar Twitter pitches? 

Happy Labor Day!

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13 thoughts on “#PitMad Round III- The Do’s and Don’ts of PitMad

    • Oh yeah, it is. I’m also thinking of blogging about the other pitch contests. They’re fun and it doesn’t hurt to be informed of other avenues to reach your writing aspirations.


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