Ghosts of My Own Choosing by Terri Simon Review

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Today’s post is a poetry review of Ghosts of My Own Choosing by Terri Simon. But first I’d like to give thanks to Terri for giving me this opportunity. At least two or more years ago I thought of writing poetry reviews on my blog. Alas, I’ve yet to have that honor until now. So thanks again Terri and to my followers, I hope you enjoy the review.

Poems, like the book title foretells, of moments from the poet’s past “Ghost of My Own Choosing” first begins with the poem “Legacy.”  The reader’s first clue of the poet’s personal history that’s long past yet still alive within her. Memories, some good and some bad, that’s both haunts and molds her. Manifesting like apparitions to transcend time. The past still very much alive in the present and the foreseeable future.

Momentous events of pain, love, anger and loss are explored without words of fanfare. But simple honesty of the events, choices and people always remembered. No more so than than the mother poems found throughout the book. An obvious important fixture in the poet’s life.

Ghost of My Own Choosing is a must read as no one is without their own ghosts. You can find Terri Simon’s poetry book:

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PS My favorite poems are “Being Counted,” “Confessions of an Amnesiac,” “Hunting Treasure,” “Penance,” “The Beginning,” “Apologies,” “Fun and Games” and “Race Track.”


Terri Simon has degrees from Sarah Lawrence College (Writing/Literature) and Virginia Tech (Computer Science) and works in IT. She lives in Laurel, Maryland with her husband and dogs. She collects fountain pens, plays hand drums, and has more projects started than she will ever finish. Her work has appeared in “Three Line Poetry,” “Black Mirror Magazine,” “Mused,” among others, and the anthologies “A Mantle of Stars: A Queen of Heaven Devotional,” “Bright Stars: An Organic Tanka Journal (Volume 1),” and “Switch (The Difference)” and received honorable mention in Kind of a Hurricane Press’ Editor’s Choice for 2015.

Social media:
Twitter: @terricsimon
Instagram: terri_simon



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