Ghosts of My Own Choosing by Terri Simon Review

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Today’s post is a poetry review of Ghosts of My Own Choosing by Terri Simon. But first I’d like to give thanks to Terri for giving me this opportunity. At least two or more years ago I thought of writing poetry reviews on my blog. Alas, I’ve yet to have that honor until now. So thanks again Terri and to my followers, I hope you enjoy the review.

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Poetry Interview with Ellie Rose McKee

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In April 2015 I did a special poetry project on my old Weebly blog for National Poetry Month. I called it “30 Days of Poetry Love” with the goal to spread a little poetry love. And featured 30 interviews by 30 poets who spent the next 30 days sharing why poetry is important.

I made the call to action on social media: Facebook and Google groups. To online writing communities and networks: She Writes, Scribophile, Insecure Writers Support Group and Book Blogs. And they answered.

Now, I hope to bring you more interviews by poets. This time all year round. And so, let’s welcome the first poet interview. Fellow Women Writers, Women’s Books Facebook group member, Ellie Rose McKee!:

1. What is your current poetry diet?

I read a poetry book maybe once a month, but I love hearing the writers themselves reading their work aloud, so I attend a lot of events where I can do just that. Continue reading