5 Reasons Why I Love The Emotions Thesaurus



I didn’t get to do this kind of post, a review of sorts about writing guides/books. I’d planned to last year but better late than never, right? Besides, it’s long overdue to shout from the mountain tops how much I love The Emotions Thesaurus.

How much do I love it?

Well to quote Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ‘let me count the ways!’

I love how it reminds the writer all the ways a character can speak without the use of their mouth. When I got back into the writing game after a long detour, I admit my characters were one dimensional. They spoke but they rarely moved on the page. Literally and figuratively. And then I purchased this wonderful book and my eyes were re-opened. I remembered that body language too spoke volumes.

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End of the Year Blogging Review

End 2015 WRITE

Oh man 2015 will be coming to an end in just 15 hours and 59 seconds. And to spend the last couple of hours left in 2015, I’m doing an end of the year blogging review. I’ve already listed some of my 2015 writing accomplishments in a previous IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group) post. You can read it here.

But today I’m showcasing and celebrating the best posts of the year. Here on Paving My Author’s Road and my old blog IHeartAllStories.
So, let the countdown begin!

Thanks and according to AddThis.com, the most popular posts/top visits of the year on IHeartAllStories, from 10 to 1 are:

10) IWSG- Why Writers Should Write Poetry

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Six Reasons Why You Should Read The Hunger Games- A Banned Book Review

HG Trilogy1

Well Banned Books Week is over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue reading banned books for the rest of the year. Or all year long.

For example, and if you haven’t read it yet, then try reading The Hunger Games. As you know, The Hunger Games have been frequently banned/challenged for being anti-ethnic and anti-family. As well as insensitivity, having offensive language, occult/satanic and violent.

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Is It Any Good? (3 Reasons Why You Should Give a Badly Reviewed Book a Chance)

Is It Any Good-

So it’s movie night and my husband and I were searching for a movie to watch. Better yet stream. I suggested Hot Pursuit starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. He then asked me if it was any good.

“Is it any good?” How many times we asked or have been asked that question? The most obvious way to find out is through reviewers, critics and recommendations.

But what if valid points are provided to why something (movie, game, play, book, etc) isn’t good? Should we just listen and avoid it like the plague? Continue reading