Paving My Author’s Road Top 10 of 2016



Well 2016 has come to an end and in 40 hours to be exact. And whoa, it has been a rocky year. Okay, more than rocky. The Nice and Berlin bus massacre. The death of Prince, Harper Lee and Professor Snape. Yes I know the actor’s name playing Snape is Alan Rickman. But he’ll forever always remain in my mind as the flawed, despised and misunderstood Professor Snape.  

Yes, 2016 wasn’t so great a year. But it did have some good things too. Like the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series. The premiere of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie released last month. And to be presumptuous some inspirational and educational blog posts by yours truly. Top 10 to be exact, from least to greatest views on Paving My Author’s Road blog.

So which posts made my top ten this year? Let’s start off with #10:

10) My About page


Who knew?! At 116 views, my about page is pretty much self explanatory. One can’t have a blog without a page about oneself.

9) When a Publishing Deal Goes South by Alex Cavanaugh


At 135 views this guest blog post discusses a second fate worse than death to a writer besides rejection. It’s kind of like having your foot smashed in the closing door after someone just invited you in. Ouch. But still we writers march on.

8) How to Set Up a Blog Tour & Cover Reveal

How to Set Up a Blog Tour & Cover Reveal!

At 141 views, this blog post was a culmination of my own experiences. Setting up my first ever blog tour for my poetry chapbook Can You Catch My Fow? But I managed to do it and shared how i did it so that others can learn too.  And although it was exhausting, it was both rewarding and easy on the pockets.

7) Twitter Hashtags Writers Should Follow and Why


At 145 views, this blog post should not be missed. Just as they’re certain author Twitter accounts you should follow. They’re hashtags worth following too.

6) IWSG Day- Writing Slump & Motivational Quote

Insecure Writers Support Group New Badge

At 161 views, for this post I was a co-host for IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group). We all get into slumps and need something to get us back on our feet. To keep on plowing through in order to realize our dreams. As I’m a sucker for a good quote, couldn’t resist sharing and dedicating a quote. A quote that reminds and helps me to get back on track.

5) To Love Triangles or Not to Love Triangles

To Love Triangles...- 3.0

At 171 views this ‘To Love or Not to Love’ post discusses the basic components of the love triangle. And asks readers and writers about their thoughts about the use of this romantic trope in stories.

4) Was #PitMad a Bust? Then Try These Other Twitter Pitches

will twitter pitch for agent

At 174 views this post is informative and a must read if you’re trying to become a published author. Querying agents/publishers to seek a publishing deal is no easy feat. But these Twitter party events help writers circumvent the dreaded slush pile. And get their manuscripts in front of an agent/editor/publisher faster.

3) How to Write an Erasure Poem


At 174 views this post shows just how fun and easy it can be to write a poem. As well as the power of words. So don’t knock poetry until you try it. Try writing a poem using the art form of erasure.

2) Thinking of Entering PitMad? There Are Some New Rules You Need to KNow


At  354 views, staying abreast of new rules or rule changes is essential. You and your manuscript already have other tweets to compete with. As well as a possible not as strong as you thought Twitter pitch. Being able to follow the guidelines shows you pay attention. It puts you in a better light.


1) Six Reasons Why You Should Read The Hunger Games- A Banned Book Review


Can I say that I’m really happy about this? I love ban books. Even took a Banned Books course in college. And for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would want to ban a book. At 374 views, this banned book review refutes all the ban/challenge claims against The Hunger Games.  Also proving, how people cling on to one or several aspects they don’t like in a story. Thus resulting in the glossing over and ignoring the overarching truths a story explores. They’re so busy nitpicking the trees that they miss out and do not understand the beauty of the forest.

There you have it. My top ten blog posts of 2016 and some of them weren’t even written in 2016. Oh well. See you in 2017 and may the new year forever be in your favor. Happy New Year’s!

Have any favorite blog post(s) you wished made the top 10? Why? Was 2016 a good or bad year for you? Looking forward to 2017?




    • Me too, even though I’m also a bit apprehensive. Will 2017 be worse than 2016 or better? Even if I still worry about it, nothing to do but write on. Happy 2017! 😀

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