Character All Star Edition

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Okay, I’ve done character interviews in the past. But for the first time ever, I’m having a character all-star edition a-la reunion style!

What do I mean by that? Well, if you like watching reality TV shows, then you’d know that after the season they usually have a reunion episode.

Today’s post is kind of like that. Except the reunion is with the characters from my work in progress novels, Harbingers of El Tinor, Nadia the Fire Witch, Dreaming of You and The Soul Traveler.


How is everyone doing?


kim-james-dreaming-of-youKim: But will be better if you can move your ass a little. After Dreaming of You is my story right? Know you said no new stories but I can’t wait. Though I’d look forward to it more if you changed the guy you’ll have me shacking up with.

Why? I thought you guys will be great together.



Terrell: Never mind her. She want me. She just scared to tell the truth.



Kim: What truth?

Yeah. What truth?

Terrell: That she can’t handle a yard man like me.

Kim (rolling her eyes): You wish.

Terrell (licking his lips): I do. And I know you do too.

Alright moving on. I know all of you are looking forward to 2017. I know I am. But unfortunately I still haven’t decided on which one of you I’ll be focusing on.



Kyna: I don’t know why not. My story is shorter than the others. And I got nothing to do right now.






Nadia: What about me? I’ve been sitting here itching to use my fire witchy powers but nothing. We’re the same age but all Kyna does is hop to other dimensions while she sleeps. Put her on the back burner and finish my story.

Kyna: Excuse me. Last I heard, you couldn’t even control all of your powers.

Nadia: That’s just mental.






Aithne: I’m sorry but of the three of us, my story is more important than yours. My story must be written as my destiny depends on it.

Kyna: What destiny?

Nadia: Yeah, you’re just a runaway.

Aithne: At least I’m fighting for something greater.

Kyna: Pfft. Since when being selfish is something greater.


Okay, okay. How about the men from my other work in progress novels. Have anything to say to weigh in on which WIP I should work on in 2017?

Nnica-the-soul-travelerica: We must stop the future destruction of the worlds. What this WIP you speak of is of no relevance.







Okay. Serious much?



Bilal: You humans are a wasteful and diseased race. The world will be a much better place when you’re eradicated from it.



Um. Bilal. Technically, you’re a deranged sentient being and not a man. So you’re opinion doesn’t matter.

Bilal: Lucinda.



Lucinda: Yes master?

Bilal: Smite this woman.

Lucinda: Yes master.


Next male character!



Justin: Pick Dreaming of You. The faster you finish the story the quicker I can get Sharon out of my system.



michael-chen-nadia-the-fire-witchMichael: I’d say pick Nadia the Fire Witch. But with my family history I don’t want to deal with no more witches drama. Maybe you can take a different route and leave me out of it?

Sorry. Nope.

Michael: Figured. Had to ask though.



Anyone else? Bowen?

bowen- harbingers.jpg

Bowen: Why should I advise you? You’ll do whatever you want. Despite what I say or the consequences.






Calla: Choose whatever feels right.

Hey Calla you’ve been awfully quiet.

Calla: Was momentarily seeing into everyone’s future.

Really? What do you see in mine….no, wait don’t tell me.

Calla: Oh I won’t. Then it wouldn’t be fun.

Bowen (snort)

Calla: (elbows Bowen) But I’d tell you this. No matter what road you take, you’ll end right where you’re meant to be.

…I know I said don’t tell me but what kind of hint is that? (muttering to myself)

Oh well, still don’t know which WIP to pick.

Kyna: Duh, pick mine.

Nadia: No. Mine!

Kim: I vote for my girl Sharon’s story!

Terrell: I vote for my boy Justin and his girl’s story!


Sharon: (shaking her hands and head quite vigorously) You don’t have to. I’m good. Really.



Kim: She don’t know what she talking about. And why the hell are you copying me?

Terrell: I’m just agreeing with you. Why you always riding me? If that’s what you want, we can go to the back and do this right now.

Kim (too shocked for words) :-O

And everyone ignores them.

Aithne: No. One day they’ll make songs about me. Pick mine!

Cast of HoET, DoY, TST & NtFW together: NO. MINE!!!

Damn, are you trying to blow my eardrums. You can yell all you want but I still haven’t made my decision. And all you’re doing is giving me a headache. If you can’t discuss this in a courteous matter, then get out my head.

In the meantime, all of us, the figments of my imagination and I, wish you a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Writers, what will you be working on in 2017? Readers, what book(s) are you looking forward to read in 2017? Fantasy, romance, etc.? Want to weigh in on which work in progress novel should be THE novel for 2017? Which character(s) do you think made the best case for their story? Or best disputed another’s?

PS I’m doing a special post on Unicorn Bell today and all of this week. Today’s post on UB is about hashtags. Come check it out!




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