Happy Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Happy Poem In Your Pocket Day!

It’s late in the day but I’d rather be late in posting today’s post than never posting it at all. I’d stopped doing my special daily poetry posts for poetry month, but I’ve yet to miss Poem In Your Pocket day.

Due to being busy, tired and procrastinating I only have a few hours of the day left to share the poem in my pocket. Even though a certain poem grabbed my attention right away. I had to restrain myself from using the poem and give other poems a chance. Alas, I was right to do so. So instead of my previous first choice “O Sad Small Ecstasy of Love” by Anne Carson, today’s pocket poem is “This Body II” by Renee Watson.

This Body II

Renée Watson

My body is
perfect and
imperfect and
Black and
girl and
big and
thick hair and
short legs and
scraped knee and
healed scar and
heart beating and
hands that hold and
voice that bellows and
feet that dance and
arms that embrace and
my momma’s eyes and
my daddy’s smile and
my grandma’s hope and

my body is masterpiece and
my body is mine.

From Watch Us Rise (Bloomsbury, 2019). Copyright © 2019 by Renée Watson. Reprinted by permission of the author. 

What poem did you carry in your pocket today? Discovered any new poets or rediscoverd old poets this month? How do you plan to celebrate the last day of poetry month tomorrow?

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