IWSG Day, Writerly and Life Updates

Happy IWSG Day! It’s the fifth blog hop of the year and I can’t believe how the time flew. At least it gives the feeling of coming together sooner to  share our writerly highs and lows. Thanks for creating and bringing this writing community together goes to Alex Cavanugh.

The co-hosts for the April 6th posting of the IWSG are: Kim Elliott, Melissa Maygrove, Chemist Ken, Lee Lowery, and Nancy Gideon!

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So what’s going on with me this month?

What’s going on with me this month is the same as the last two months. And I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it already. Due to my just plain not thinking properly I have been dealing with a burned hand. Let me tell you what happened.

It all started one March evening. I was using the pressure cooker but let too much time pass after the timer went off. Worried that I left the meat in too long. In a rush to get the meat/protein part of dinner ready. And ignoring the low hiss of the pressure cooker tried to open the cover only a tiny bit to let the steam out. So you can imagine what happened next. The water inside exploded. Splashing against and covering the wall, the counter, the floor, the fridge side and the back of my left hand.

I was in pain for hours after running cold water on my hand for several minutes. The stinging, burning pain didn’t go away for the whole night. The only thing that consoled me was listening and singing along to Z Tao’s OST from The Brightest Star in the Sky drama. My sons could only complain so much about my loud off key singing. Sorry but not sorry.

So ever since then I have been using neosporin, vaseline and wrap bandages. Only to find out later I’m allergic to the bandages. Now I have to use non-stick sterile pads before I wrap my hand. According to my husband, my hand is about 50% healed as it’s done blistering. I can’t tell by looking whether my hand is healing or not. All I know is it still doesn’t look the way it used to or like my right hand. My husband laughed and nodded in agreement that there’s no way I could’ve been a nurse.

After I burned my hand my husband threw out the pressure cooker that very night

Another thing going on with me is that I’ve mastered a few protective styles and the flat twists. Next thing to learn is cornrows. I first decided to go natural in 2019. And as I stated in a post before, instead of doing the big chop, my hair went into transition with braids and locs. I’ve worn it in braid outs, twists outs, blown out. I’ve pressed and dyed it shades of red in ombre style (blending one color hue to another from light to dark). Now I’m about to step into the unknown by going blonde.

My hairdresser seems to be happy. She’s been trying to convince me to go blonde for years. Though I’ve made the decision to go with a honey-golden-brown blonde blend. I have yet to head over to the salon for a consultation and schedule a hair appointment. Is it procrastination or lack of courage holding me back? Either way, I’d like to dive in and get it done by my birthday next month.

As for my writing, I’ve made some progress. Guess returning to work on a hybrid schedule last month was a catalyst. So far I’ve rewritten and revised parts of chapter one of my fantasy WIP. Finally added around 500 words and a new character. Whether she’ll (haven’t a name for her yet but her nickname is Marilyn) remain an unseen side character or grow into a support character integral to the plot remains to be unseen.

So that’s it with me. Have any writerly and life updates going on with you? Ever done anything not smart that resulted in an injury? Made any drastic or subtle changes to your person? Did you regret doing it or was it the best thing you ever did?

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope all the mommies will enjoy Mother’s Day this weekend.


  1. I burnt part of my face with steam once. But it managed to heal. I had turned on the mixer without waiting for the spinach to cool. I am glad your hand is better now. Best wishes to you for the new shade of hair. And congratulations for adding those words and a new character to your WIP.

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  2. OMG! There is no worse pain that a steam burn. My mom always kept us three girls terrified around the p.cooker and the deep fryer. We’d go outside and around the house to come in the front door to avoid walking past it. I have one but still have never worked up the courage to use it. But iI did love that homemade veggie soup! As for the color – remember hair color grows out if you don’t like it. Life’s too short not to experiment on the fun things.

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    • Always been warning my sons to stay out of the kitchen when I’m frying. But damn that pressure cooker was really good at making the meat tender.
      And you’re right, life’s too short not to experiment on the fun stuff.


    • You know what’s funny. The same thing happened to my husband a couple of months ago. He was using the pressure cooker and it was off. But he didn’t give it time to cool down before opening the lid. He got burned on the left side of his chest and stomach. At least he was wearing a shirt but because he’s lighter than me the burn looked worse than mine. And now that it’s healed the skin area is much lighter. The pressure cooker got half the family. There weren’t going to be three strikes and it’s out. So it had to go.


  3. Oh no! Pressure cookers have always fascinated me and scared me. Never use Vaseline on a burn. It holds the heat in. Silvadene cream is a better choice. 😉

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    • After what happened don’t think I’ll look at or think of a pressure cooker the same way again.
      Know that now. Thanks for the advice.


    • I cringed whenever I think back on that night too. Thank you for your concern. I promise not to do that again. An easy promise to make and keep, as my hubby threw it away and we’ll probably never allow one into the house again. But yes, I won’t do that ever again.

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