30 Days of Poetry Love 2017 – Rumi


Credit image: National Poetry Month logo/Poets.org

Happy National Poetry Month!

Last year I celebrated National Poetry Month by sharing an anthology of my favorite poems. That was 30 poems in 30 days. Well this year, in an homage to women, I’m sharing poems by four female poets, poetess I should say. So that’s four weeks of poems by four women, which equals to twenty poems.

I know what you’re going to say. That my calculations is off. I’m bad at math but I’m not that bad. You read it right. While the weekdays are for my special poetess’ the weekends will feature a different poet. You see, I’m taking a page from the Poem-A-Day program. If you’re familiar with it, like its namesake, a poem a day is sent to your email everyday. But on the weekend, the poem you’ll find waiting in your inbox would be a classic poem. For example, during the weekday you’ll receive the poem “the bullet was a girl” by Danez Smith. And on the weekend you’ll receive a classic poem like “Spellbound” by Emily Bronte. You’ll soon see what I mean.

Every poem I’ll feature this month has something to say. What message you’ll get from it won’t be the same to someone else’s. But as long as you listened, really listened, that’s fine by me.

Credit image: Poets.org, Portrayal of Rumi, courtesy of Shahriar Shahriari

I’m starting things off with Rumi. Rumi as we know him, was born as Mowlānā Jalāloddin Balkhi in September 30, 1207 C.E. In 1231, at the age of 24, he became the spiritual leader of his community after his father died. The death of a dear friend, Shams Tabriz, inspired the writing of more than 40,000 verses, quatrains, etc. He spent the last years of his life dictating a six volume poem (64,000 lines) called the Masnavi-ye Ma’navi (Spiritual Verses). Which some Sufi’s regard as the Persian-language Koran.

The Rumi poem I’m sharing with you today is “You Will Not Know Me.” I tried my hardest to find a reciting of the verse but alas. Still it’s a wonderful, moving verse worth thinking about. Especially when it comes to perceptions and differing realities.

Rumi “You Will Not Know Me”



What do you think of the verse? How are you celebrating National Poetry Month?

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