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If you don’t know already today is a special day. And no it’s not because it’s April Fool’s Day. Today is the first day of National Poetry Month. As well as Insecure Writers Support Group Day. So for today’s post, I won’t discuss my writing highs and or lows. Instead I’d like to make a call to action. And offer words of encouragement for writers, struggling and strangling with your words. To find creative release by writing more poetry. And perhaps encourage a slip of some poetic license into your stories.

PS Don’t forget to also check out April 1st IWSG co-hosts: Suzanne Furness, Tonja Drecker, Toi Thomas,Rachna Chhabria, Fundy Blue, and Donna Hole!

Poetry has a long history as it is a form of literature descended from oral traditions. Retelling epics and through songs by crafting language; it’s sound, breath, heart and soul. So then why should writers write poetry? The answer is simple really. Writers write to communicate. So a  deeper understanding of language is necessary to improve our writing. Here’s how:

  • Poetry expands, deepens and broadens the written word. Writing poetry helps to expand your vocabulary. It also helps in knowing more than just the definition of a word. But it’s emotional meaning, its connotation. And how a word, no matter its similar definitions to other words, evokes a myriad of sensations and emotions.

  • Poetry enhances the imagery in your writing. With poetry and fiction writing, scenes and settings are important. Which is why a deeper understanding of word usage is beneficial. As it’ll help build  rich and detailed worlds, people, events, etc. That you can almost hear, taste, touch, smell and see.

  • Poetry is a form of writing that reveals. Poetry is a reflective form of writing that is also therapeutic. Feeling frustrated with a scene that refuses to come together? Feeling burdened and or blocked? Try free writing a poem of the scene. Take a break away from it and free write about your frustration(s).  And maybe you’ll find just what you need between the lines.                                                 

All in all, poetry helps to improve  your writing. And to help better grab your readers and pull them in to your story. Still skeptical? Then follow the links below and see what other writers have to say:
How Poetry Can Help Fiction Writers
What Poets Know That Writers Don’t
Kate’s Book Blog: Walter Mosley on the Uses of Poetry in Fiction Writing
Poet vs Novelist

Last summer I took a free writing fiction class (this year I’m participating in their poetry class for a 2nd time, although  it’s temporarily delayed). In the second video session they talked about using haikus to create powerful opening lines. You can check out their Youtube video link to Opening Lines, Opening Doors(starting at 12:50).

Do you think that poetry can improve your writing? How do you feel about poetry?


IWSG- Why Writers Should Write Poetry

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