Foreseen 4 Character Interview

Foreseen 4 With a Touch

Happy Monday!

Today I’m interviewing the final couple from the fourth and final story from my Foreseen work in progress series.

Let’s welcome to the blog today David and Felicite` from “With a Touch“!



(Walk in hands laced together, their gazes never leaving each other’s face)

Well aren’t you two sweet. Walking in hand in hand.

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To Romance or Not to Romance?

To Romance

Welcome back to Paving My Author’s Road regular programming! I’m back from the palm trees and sandy beaches of Florida. Back with another Monday post (and every Monday hereafter).

I have my cousin to thank for today’s post. Before my vacation to Florida, I stopped on by my mom’s place. So my boys can spend a little summer fun time with their grandma. The night before I left, one of my cousins came up to me with a question. He was on my Wattpad profile and wanted to know what the word “bwam” meant. Continue reading