Foreseen 4 Character Interview

Foreseen 4 With a Touch

Happy Monday!

Today I’m interviewing the final couple from the fourth and final story from my Foreseen work in progress series.

Let’s welcome to the blog today David and Felicite` from “With a Touch“!



(Walk in hands laced together, their gazes never leaving each other’s face)

Well aren’t you two sweet. Walking in hand in hand.

Spent too many years without her. Not letting her get away from me now.

You would have had me sooner if you didn’t take so long to approach me.

Speaking of which, how long you two known each other?

He and I grew up in the same neighborhood. You know the kind of neighborhood where one street over is like a different world.

Her parents must’ve moved there when I was maybe in 5th grade. Remember seeing this little girl running around all of a sudden. Didn’t officially meet her until high school.

So you’ve been friends all your life then?

No. I doubt she knew if I existed. Or even cared. (his thumb caresses the back of her hand)

Oh please. (smacks his thigh with her free hand) You were the one who didn’t know I exist. (Turns back to me) He was the BMOC and the star quarterback. I was nobody.

Nobody? Half the girls in school were either jealous of you or wanted to be you. (Turns back to me) They even tried to copy her style. She was our school’s Cher.


Clueless…what, my sister made me watch it with her dozens of times.

Oh, how many siblings you have?

He’s the youngest of three.

She’s an only child. (Felicite` rests her head on his shoulder and David kisses her head)

Okay. Guess there’s no need to ask if there’s anything you don’t know about each other.

Aside from why she’d ever agreed to date my loser cousin in high school, the only thing I don’t know is what she actually does for a living.

Oh come on. (moves slightly away and looks up at David) We’re back on this now?

Yes. Until you tell me and I know for sure it’s not something that’ll get you in trouble.

So what do you like most about each other?

Since when did I ever get in trouble?

Have you forgotten I had to arrest you?

That wasn’t my fault. Bea asked for some help.

Yeah and until then I had no idea you were a psychic. Didn’t believe it until I saw you in action. But what I’ve never learned is what or who exactly you use your psychic abilities for. It’s that kind of unknown ‘help’ you provide that makes me want to cuff you to my bed to keep you safe.

Hey, guys? The question was what do you like most about each other?

(Felicite` leans forward until they were chest to chest) Now you know want to do more than just keep me safe using those handcuffs.

Don’t try to distract me woman.

Cuz it’s working?

(David pulls Felicite` closer) You’re going to have to do better than that.

Uh guys? Remember me? Over here?

(Felicite` straddled David’s legs and they’re now in full on make out)


(They pull apart, turn around and smile sheepishly)

Sorry about this but we gotta go.

Yeah David forgot to turn off -omph- (David put Felicite` over his shoulder fireman style, carrying her out) something. Bye!

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I knew this interview was going too well. Go get your groove on.

Oh yeah. Don’t forget to check out our theme song! (David smacks her butt and Felicite` yelps, giggles then smacks David’s butt in return)

Sigh. I’m thinking it’ll be a long while before I interview another character(s) from a romance.

Here’s David and Felicite` theme song:

Are you still on track with your resolutions? Started any new writing projects or reading a new book? Have a book promotion or shot out?

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And remember, this Valentine’s Day is the first ever pitch party event solely for romance writers. So if you have a completed and polished romance novel, then don’t forget to pitch it by using the hashtag #KissPitch this Wednesday.



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