Banned Books Week 2019

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Credit image: ALA (American Library Association)


Are you ready for Banned Books Week? It starts this weekend, from Sunday, September 22, 2019 to Saturday, September 28, 2019.

As always, it comes as a surprise and crying shame that an event as Banned Books Week is needed. To ban a book, to censor it, goes against the advancement of human social and cultural development. It goes against the very definition of what civilization entails.

What’s next? Becoming a civilization where firemen will be burning books like in Fahrenheit 451? Why? Because it contains LGBTQIA+ content, profanity, drug use, violence, etc. 

For generally reflecting the community around us. And providing differing viewpoints, that could lead to empathy and enlightenment. And evolvement of our current thinking.

What can we do about it? Follow the link to learn more about the ALA (American Library Association). It’s annual Banned Books Week and how to get involved. Read a banned book. Buy a banned book to gift to family and friends. My sons love Captain Underpants and already own a few of the books from the series. It made number three in the top challenged books in 2018.


Do you plan on celebrating Banned Books Week? How? Do you have a favorite book that’s been banned and challenged? What were your thoughts and feelings about it? What are your personal thoughts and feelings about the censorship, banning and challenging, and sometimes burning of books?




    • Yes! Can you believe it? It was challenged for ‘encouraging disruptive behavior.’ As if a book is needed to make kids misbehave. It’s practically their right to do so. But that’s what discipline and talking about consequences is for.
      Anyways, they love the books, the movie the series and I’m going to keep buying them. Because what I see from the books is the importance of friendship. And asking questions and thinking for themselves when they think something is wrong.


    • Even more unbelievable was that it nade the top five as #3. And for reasons for 1) I didn’t immediately notice and 2) once I did, didn’t understand how it was so problematic.


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