Happy 1st #PitMad of the Year!


It’s that time of the season again. On March 23rd, this Thursday, will be the 1st #PitMad event of 2017!
Do you know the rules? Are you sure?
Well, even if you are, it doesn’t hurt to refresh on the rules of taking part in #PitMad. And as it so happens, the rules were updated since the last pitch event. We’re now able to RT our friends and pitches we like to show our support of other writers.

Just use Quote-RT and add your comment to the retweet to gush how much you love the pitch. And trust me, such praise sends us writers all a flutter and smiling like loons.
Credit image: Pixabay.com
Other than that, the rules remain the same. Don’t tweet agents and publishers directly. Don’t like/heart the tweets. You can only tweet 3 different pitches per manuscript between the hours of 8am-8pm. Schedule your pitches every four hours, be courteous and know your genre hashtags.


#AD- Adventure #Mem- Memoir
#CF- Christian Fiction #LGBT
#CON- Contemporary #LF- Literary Fiction
#CR- Contemporary Romance #NF- Non-fiction
#E- Erotica #R- Romance
#ER- Erotic Romance #P- Paranormal
#ES- Erotica Suspense #PR- Paranormal Romance
#F- Fantasy #RS- Romantic Suspense
#H- Horror #SF- SciFi
#HF- Historical Fiction #S- Suspense
#HR- Historical Romance #T- Thriller
#INSP- Inspirational #UF- Urban Fantasy
#MR- Magical Realism #W- Westerns
#M- Mystery #WF- Woman’s Fiction



#PB– Picture Book #MG– Middle Grade
#C– Children’s #YA– Young Adult
#CB– Chapter Book #NA– New Adult
#CL– Children’s Lit #A– Adult

Need help polishing and strengthening your pitches? Check out my post How to Pitch Like a TV Guide. For additional help, read:

How to Write a Great Twitter Pitch by Ava Jae

Ten Tips for Twitter Pitching by Gina Denny

A Brief Guide to Twitter Pitching by Dan Koboldt

Good luck!

Are you taking part in #PitMad or another pitch event? Have or know any pitching success stories?

PS Looking for some feedback, support and critique on your pitches? Share your pitches on Twitter using #peerpitch. 😀



    • Can’t wait. Already wrote and scheduled a post for it. Would like to participate but we’ll see. I’d say my WIP is a little over half rewritten. Which leaves me a little less than 3 1/2 months to revise, edit, beta read and rewrite to polish it enough to take part in the IWSG pitch event. A rush job, and haste makes waste. So not sure I will take part. But like I said we’ll see and I’ll definitely support those who will.


    • Feel the same. Luckily there’s three more of this event left in the year. And a slew of others. Only thing left to do is to get ready for them.


    • I’ve always thoughts so too. Though I have nothing ready as of yet to participate, I like searching the Twitter feed during the events. Find the pitches using hashtags that I may use when I do finally pitch. Find the ones agents/publishers liked to study what made their pitch so appealing.


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