To become a published author you have to create a business plan for your book(s).  To the best of my ability, I’ll explain what a business plan is, the difference between a business plan and a book proposal, as well as ways to market and promote your book.

Did you know that although a business plan is different from a book proposal, a book proposal can help build your business plan. Who knew that they were so interrelated? However, a business plan is a step by step guide to publishing success that focuses on the four areas of authorship: writing, marketing, publishing and promoting, while a book proposal helps sell your book. It’s proof that you’re not just talking out your butt that your writing is the ish and will sell out faster than a Mr. and Mrs. Carter concert. It’s documented details composed of research on what your book is about and how it’ll fare against competitors in an already flooded market. Knowing about your competitors helps you to think of ways on how to set your book apart from them. If you follow this link to Susan Spann’s post, A Business Plan For Publishing Success, you’ll see all the components of the business plan.

Now let’s look at the marketing and promotion portion of the business plan. I talked a bit about marketing and promotion before in regards to the online writing communities I’ve joined. Believe it or not, I’m a remarkably antisocial person but in no way am I standoffish.  My social IQ is very low and it doesn’t help the fact that my mode of entertainment is religiously delving into worlds built by other writers. So it’s any wonder that I’ve been blogging a little over a year now. In truth, I started this blog because I’d came to accept that an author platform is necessary for my writing aspirations. And to build my brand as an author I must become more proactive in using social media.

Let’s face it, nowadays a publisher or agent is not going to give a publishing deal to an author who does not have an online presence or a following to back up their marketability. It explains why often Hollywood or TV stars and politicians, etc. have written children’s books, cookbooks, memoirs and biographies, etc. So it’s a must to have an author platform before you write your book, create a book proposal and business plan. Not after the manuscript is finished.

And to help build your online presence is the social media. Why? Because everyone is on social media and it’s power to connect like minded and shared interest individuals is phenomenal. It’s your best marketing and promotion source as people respond well to visuals. You can target readers and potential followers with posters, trailers, ads, etc. and post them on your social media sites, your blog or video sites like YouTube.

For example, as part of my marketing and promotion of my chapbook “Can You Catch My Flow?” I plan to use Google Ad to place my ad next to or above Google search results based on the keywords I’ve chosen, which will be poetry and poetry related search terms. Another way to advertise on social media is to create an ad using Powtoons, sharing the links on your media sites, and having your friends and followers share that links with others. Right now, I’ve been using, an easy design program, to create graphic designs and text excerpts of poems from “Can You Catch My Flow?” I’ve shared those designs on Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, this weebly blog, its FaceBook book page and a FaceBook poetry group page. I’ve already received ‘likes’ and positive comments as well as 1 or 2 of the designs were shared. Tell me what you think.

What have you been doing to build your author platform? How did you utilize your blog and social media to market and promote your work(s)? Share in the comment section below.

PS. For additional information on marketing and promotion check out these links from the experts below:

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PSS. The graphics above and below this post was designed by me on, however the texts on the design below is a newly written poem.


Planning is Key

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