Did You Know…Beverly Hills 90210

In the beginning of 2017, I found myself binge watching Beverly Hills 90210. And boy did it take me back. So much so, that I had to find out the day it first premiered and vowed to do a post about it. Seven months have passed since then. Seven months (and two days early) to finally say ‘Happy 27th Anniversary Beverly Hills 90210!’ Continue reading


It’s NaNo Time!

National Novel Writing Month. For years I’ve known and thought to enter NaNoWriMo and for years, I’ve pretty much punked out. Well this year is different. I’ve finally manned up and am now one out of 100,000 and climbing, participant!

And my novel of choice I’ll be working on?

It’s “Nadia, the Hidden Fire Witch,” formerly known as “Witches.”

You can read the pitch below. Right away, from the title, you know that it’s a supernatural genre. Aside from that, it’s also geared towards Young Adults. And even with the saturation of stories about vampires, werewolves and now witches, Nadia, shouldn’t be like what’s been done before. Hopefully. (I’m a fan of Charmed and the Weird Sisters, but outside from them, I’m but a babe when it comes to stories centered on witches).

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