How to Use a Word Cloud to Edit Your Draft

How to Use a Word Cloud to Edit Your Draft

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Today’s post I thought about doing another character interview. One from my next and final Foreseen couple following Jenna and Jason’s story. But then I remembered something from an online writing class I took around two years ago. It was hosted by author Joan Dempsey and was called Revise with Confidence.

She shared a myriad of revision tips like using a text to speech program. Set to an old, dreary drone voice to better pick up sentences that… don’t sound right. Flow. Hard to read. But my favorite revision tool was using a word cloud.

Why? Because it was simple and fun to use. As well as enlightening. Let me go the through the steps so I can show you its usefulness. Continue reading


The Tortoise and the Hare

We all know the story about the tortoise and the hare, right? There are many variations of the story but none is as widely known as Aesop’s fables.

I use to own a collection of Aesop’s fables when I was younger and I loved watching the Looney Tunes version with Bugs Bunny and Cecil Turtle…anyways I digress.

In the tortoise and the hare, the hare was boasting of his speed and gets challenged in a race by an unlikely contender, the tortoise. On the day of the race, the hare zips past the start line, becoming a tiny dot in the distance while the tortoise is plodding on still at the start line. So confident that he will win, the hare takes a nap. And still the tortoise is plodding on and on and on. By the time the hare wakes up from his little nap, he’s shocked to see that the tortoise is almost at the finish line. Desperate to win, he races as fast as he can but in the end loses to the tortoise that plodded his way straight to the finish.

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Ah Busy, Busy

Nothing like writing groups that can help you focus your writing, taking it from gibberish to as close to a work of art you can get, from rags to riches, from a loser to a contender. Well, due to busyness with work, kids and plain old life, that is something I’ll be looking at doing towards the tail end of this revision period I currently find myself in. In the meantime, I’ll be relying on You’ve Got A Book In You,Story Physics, Story Engineering and Revision& Self-Editing for Publication, 2nd Edition, to get me by.

My goal is to sharpen my rusty writing skills far and beyond that they were during college. Especially, I must also believe in myself and in my potential. If I truly did not have any at all, then why would my college  professor lean towards me in the middle of my Literary Review board interview (in my senior year, students taking the English Major-Creative Writing track had to put together a portfolio of all their writing since freshman year), to tell me “You should be published.”

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My Mind’s A Whirl

Edit. Revise. Rewrite. Polish. Cut the fat. Etc.

Whatever you call it, I’m doing it all and trying to make every word and sentence I write an end product perfection of writing. Basically, I’m doing not so good.

In my excitement I’ve forgotten that writing a novel, any writing in particular goes through various stages until it’s ready. And trying to make it ready now is not good editing, revising, cutting the fat, etc. Case in point, I’m still perfecting the opening paragraphs of Chapter 21 when I should be focusing on Chapter 22 this week. Sigh.

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