May Writing Progress Report


May began with the editing part of the 85K90 which ends by the end of June. By April 30th, I still had ~22K words left to make goal. So my plan for May was to focus on making word count goal and editing the previous drafts I’ve written for the series. It was supposed to go like this, in the following order of “On the Mat,” “Love Lines,” and “Tall, Dark and Hateful.”

So did I make any progress while I entered editing hell? Let’s see…

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85K90 Month Three Update


It’s the final writing month part of 85K90. I’m no good with Math, but I tried to calculate the words written by month.  And find out exactly the total words I’d have to commit to complete the challenge.

First I came up with a total of 39,176 words written from January to February. But my project tracker on 85K90 states my word count is at 42,227. If so, then the word count up to March 23 should be 48,244.

Now let’s see what, if any, progress I made in March.:

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7 Ways To Procrastinate

7 Ways To Procrastinate

Usually I know what my following blog post will be about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything. And binge watching shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime didn’t help. That’s when it hit me that today’s post should be about procrastinating.

So, what’s the best way to delay and put things off? Here are 7 good ways to procrastinate.:

  1. Google [fill in blank]

Google search is convenient. If you need to know something, your answer can be found at your fingertips. Too bad sometimes one search can lead to another and another another.


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