IWSG Day & Plotting Madness

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First, let me say this officially, Happy Anniversary Beverly Hills 90210!

Now back to regular blog hop programming. Is it 2018 yet? At the rate it’s going 2017 will be over in a blink of an eye, pardon my cliche. But that means another year of coming together. And offering each other support in our tight knit writing community. As always, thanks for gathering us together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh!

And thanks goes to the awesome co-hosts posting today: Olga Godim, Chemist Ken,Jennifer Hawes, and Tamara Narayan!

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What’s going on with me this month?

Finished plotting out the last five chapters and epilogue of The Soul Traveler. The epilogue is set five years after the events of the story. And left it open ended for a possible sequel with an older, none too wiser and still sassy MC, Kyna Lynn James.

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How to Write the Calm Before the Storm

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How was your Thanksgiving? Were you able to write and or even reach your word count goal? I had a nice Thanksgiving, even though I lost at Monopoly afterwards. Although I had a get out of jail free card, I refused to use it, wanting to hold onto it for later. I was also trying my hardest to land on Pennsylvania Avenue. I wanted to buy it before anyone else did as I’d already owned the other two green properties. In the end, I was the second one to mortgage all my property away. And my remaining money as I couldn’t afford the $10 million hotel rent to another player.

Anyways, let get to todays post. For NaNoFiWriMo, I’m writing a short nonfiction book. It’s a how to book on the basics of writing for aspiring writers who are also working parents. Specifically, working moms but any parent or aspiring writer may find it useful. It is a collection of my knowledge, lessons learned, from the perspective of both a reader and a writer. Continue reading