How to Write Your NaNo Novel Like a Banned Book

How to Write Your NaNo Novel Like a


OMG, there’s 41 Days until NaNoWriMo 2017! Plus it’s banned books week. In honor of both here are two fundamental tips on how to write your NaNo novel like a banned book. Because let’s face it, a banned book is fun to read. And as Tobias Wolff once said:


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To Pen Name or Not to Pen Name

To Pen Name or Not to Pen Name

Hi everyone!

I’m back for good from my blogging break. And I can’t think of any other way say to welcome back than this:

As for my first post back, today’s post is a “To or Not to’ where I pose a question for readers and writers alike to answer. So far, we’ve spoken our thoughts and feelings about prologues. Also the love triangle trope and romance subplot in novels. Continue reading

Why Harry Potter Is Important Today

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!


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Since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the books have taken the world by storm. The books have sold over 400 million books worldwide. Has been translated into 73 languages. Increased readership in youth, in particular boys. Is a book series favorite of both kids and adults. Has spanned into eight blockbuster movies and a play. A themed attraction at Universal Studios & Resorts. And three new spin-off films planned for release in the next five years. Starting with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

It’s hard not to see just how popular Harry Potter is. Hell children and adults still like to dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween. And I, like many others, am still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Don’t judge me. You can roll your eyes at my silliness but a woman can hope. I’d even settle for an Hogwarts adult study program. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Neville Longbottom Is Just As Cool & Inspiring As Harry Potter


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First off, Happy 36th Birthday Neville Longbottom!

As you know, Neville Longbottom, has had as grisly a fate with Voldemort as Harry Potter. It was a  prophecy about a child with the power to defeat Voldemort by Professor Trelawney. And set Voldemort to Godric’s Hollow to kill the Potters. Yet there was one other child born around the end of July. But Voldemort singled out Harry thus fulfilling the prophecy.

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