Heart of the Winterland Author Interview

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Today I have fellow Scribophile member and author Kristen Kooistra as my first author interviewee back from my blogging break!

So Kristen…

Q: What was the source of inspiration behind your book?

A: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many people through the wonder that is the internet. Before my kids were born, a lot of those people I met through online gaming. One day I was thinking about how unique and diverse my friends were and how it’d be cool to put them in a story. Or rather, use elements of who they were to create characters in a story.

I had an idea of writing a story about a princess and her invisible guardian(who by the time I published was no longer invisible) who lived in a wintery kingdom. I started the story and went from there.

It’s fun seeing traces of old friends in Heart of the Winterland. And I feel like my characters have a lot of depth since I took inspiration from real people. Continue reading


Why I Loved Veronica Mars- A Storyteller’s Perspective

Credit image: Marsinvestigations.net

Nancy Drew meets Daria. That is how I’d describe the Veronica Mars series by Rob Thomas. Needless to say, I was hooked 5 minutes into the first episode. After all, I loved reading the Nancy Drew series. And Daria was the best thing to happen to MTV (still don’t get the hoopla over Beavis and Butthead).
So, what made me decide to write a blog post about Veronica Mars? I was watching an episode from season 1 last week. The one where Logan Echolls asks Veronica for her sleuthing skills to track down his mother. When I started thinking, man this show had some great writing. Character and plot wise, Veronica Mars was this bookworm’s dream in a television show. You had a flawed yet likeable female protagonist. Deeply entrenched in the greatest mystery of Neptune, California. Who killed Lilly Kane? Continue reading