Character Interview with Terrell King

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Wow, there’s only sixteen days until NaNoWriMo begins. Last week, Kim did an interview on the blog. This week is Terrell’s turn!

Wah gwaan.

Hi Terrell. How you doing?

Good, good. Can’t wait for November.


Yeah. Can’t wait to wear my woman down. Continue reading


Character Interview with Kimberly James


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NaNoWriMo 2017 is 24 days away and I have someone stopping over today. Actually she was really adamant about it. Come meet the FMC in my 2017 NaNo novel Kimberly James!

How are you doing Kimberly?

Please. Call me Kim. And I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

Huh. What did I do?

What did you do?! (Kim shakes her head and with an incredulous look points to sidebar on the right) What’s the title of your NaNo novel?

Uh…”Not Dreaming of You.”

And who’s the heroine in it?


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#Wattys2015 and Character Interview Part II

Madison McLaughlin as Aithne Credit image: IMDB, photo by Raquel Krelle

It’s a double posting today. And today’s interviewee is none other than Aithne, from the novel and second entry into the Wattys 2015 contest, Harbingers of El Tinor!

So Aithne, where are you from?  I hail from the country of O’tinel, blessed by the god himself. Continue reading

#Wattys2015 and Character Interview Part I

Bianca Lawson as Nadia Kemp Credit image: Wikipedia

Well it’s coming to the final week of #Wattys2015. And I like to give my thanks to those who’ve read, followed, voted, commented on my works on Wattpad. And retweeted about my work in progress novels on Twitter as well.

And here to express her thanks as well, is Nadia Kemp, the main character in Nadia, the Fire Witch, in her first ever interview:

I know, we’ve gone over this already, but what is your name? Hello, My name is Nadia, no middle name, Kemp. Continue reading