Why Reading Is My Starting Point

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Okay, let me tell you a story.

It’s mid to late 80’s and little ol’ me is lying on the cool, hardwood floor. The fan is blowing hot air and there’s no more morning cartoons. What’s left to watch were movie reruns like Foul Play or Young Frankenstein. Worse still, was that the TV decided to mock my brothers and I by giving us some snow. And so my brother had to give it a good thwack to set it straight. Basically, I wasn’t having a good day.

But something happened that day that changed me forever. While my brothers were busy adjusting the antenna to the perfect optimization for viewer watching pleasure, I was sifting through my mom’s coffee table. Now that I think of it, she might’ve had some slight hoarder tendencies.

Anyways, it was one of those coffee tables that had large drawers on either side. I don’t remember what she had packed in there, but that there was a lot of it.

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If you aren’t familiar with the hashtag #GiveABook then allow me to let you know what’s going on. Starting November 29th, Penguin Random House launched a social media campaign.  With every use of the hashtag on Facebook or Twitter before December 25, Penguin Random House will donate a book to the Save the Children organization. And up to 25,000 times.

Such a media campaign to promote and encourage literacy brought back a wonderful memory. It happened over 20 years ago. I must’ve been 6-8 years old and the daycare I was attending was throwing a Christmas celebration. There I was, all gussied up and sitting by myself as your typical wallflower. Watching the other kids run around with their gifts and eating sweets. When a woman, a teacher and owner of the center, came up to me and gave me a present. A book.
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12 Days of Christmas Wishlist

It’s three days into the twelve days of Christmas. And if you have a friend, relative or significant other whose a writer, then you still have some time to find them a great gift. Or order online and have them delivered before Christmas. But if you’re a writer, it won’t take you long to learn this old Christmas classic as a way to drop some hints.

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