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Happy IWSG Day!

It’s the first Wednesday of a new month. And so we, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, are back again. Encouraging each other as we continue trekking on our writing journeys. As well as sharing our woes. Who do we have to thank for this creative support community? The ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh!

To find out more about the group and/or maybe even sign-up, click on the badge above.  And don’t forget to check out my other co-hosts:  Stephen Tremp, Fundy Blue, MJ Fifield, Loni Townsend, Bish Denham, Susan Gourley, and Stephanie Faris!

Our Twitter hashtag is #IWSG

So, what’s going on with me this month? Continue reading


To Love Triangles or Not to Love Triangles?


I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day! Of course, showing your love for your significant other, friend or family should be an everyday thing. Although there’s nothing wrong showing a little extra tender loving care on Valentine’s day. Commercialism of the day be damned.

And in honor of Valentine’s Day,  today’s post, a follow up of a previous post, is a new series I’ll be featuring on my blog from now on. A series inspired by Prince Hamlet’s phrase “To be, or not to be.” Where as Hamlet is contemplating death and suicide. The series will contemplate specific story lines and tropes instead. And asking readers and writers their personal views about it.

In To Romance or Not to Romance?, I asked readers and writers about romantic story lines. For example, historical fiction and historical romance are two different type of novel genres. You can’t not have romance in a historical romance. But a romantic story line in a historical fiction, doesn’t make it a historical romance. The romance is not the core of the story but a narrative thread. A side or sub plot. Continue reading

Why Spell Check Is Not a Writer’s Best Friend

Spell check 2.0

You’ve probably read the title of today’s post and thought, what she talking about now? Let’s face it, most of the time we’re more than likely to spell a word incorrectly. But not to worry, since we have spell check to point it out to us. Just check for the red squiggly line underneath here.

Yet, as a writer you don’t want to be so reliant on spell check. Although it is a handy tool, it’s a tool that tricks you into a false sense of security. And by the end of the day, spell check is not a writer’s best friend. Here’s why:

  1. It increases laziness.  When unsure of a word’s spelling, we tend to use a watered down, cheap imitation of the word we wanted, in its place.  None of us are spelling bee champs. Yet we should still strive to find and learn the correct spelling of word(s). Continue reading

Undead Origins: How Did The Undead Road Come To Be?

UndeadRoad_Tour Banner

I interrupt this regular blog programming to bring to you The Undead Road by David Powers King! Today, I am a tour host in The Undead Road Tour. And author David Powers King shares with us the origins to his zombie apocalypse novel. Enjoy!

Thanks for having me, Lidy!

In my early teen years, I had an insatiable craving for monster movies. I’d go to Blockbuster (remember those?) and rent all kinds: Vampires. Godzilla. The classic Universal monsters. While enjoyable, none of them really stuck. And then, one fateful night, I stayed up late to watch the 1990s remake of Night of the Living Dead after everyone had gone to bed. Didn’t sleep that night. I was overwhelmed with fascination and absolute dread. Continue reading