can you catch my flow front coverWe wake and sleep every day. Growing up, as we must. In Can You Catch My Flow? the everyday ordinary events of the human condition are captured in poetic snapshots. No matter the walks of life, the reader is sure to find themselves within the lines.

Can You Catch My Flow? is a small collection of poetry. It’s a portrayal of thoughts, emotions and experiences when growing up. A rite of passage and nature of the human condition.

Now available on SmashwordsiBooks, Indigo, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd! and Flipkart.

Now available on Amazon. Don’t have an Amazon Kindle? Then download the free Amazon kindle app for your phone, tablet or pc! Just follow the link here.

And available in paper back.

Read the IndieView.

Read the review.

Watch the trailer:

Read my individual poems published at



  1. I just watched the trailer for this work and have to say this is the cherry on top of the confectionary treat that is your site (that I’ve seen so far…more exploring to do!). The way you’ve integrated video and imagery into your wordpress is amazing. Granted, this comes from a neophyte, yet that shouldn’t detract from what you’ve done here. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks JD. Couldn’t afford to hire someone to create a trailer/promotional video for me. So was glad to find Powtoons. they were easy to use and have various templates you can use or start from scratch. Happy Holidays! 😀


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