Success at a Twitter Pitch Party


#PitMad Is Back Again

Hi, I’m back from my blogging break again. This time to introduce Jennifer Derrick. And what she has to say comes just in time because #PitMad is back again this week on June 9th. So is #SFFPit for science fiction and fantasy authors. They’ve finally have a date and it’s June 23rd. Don’t forget to save the date. Still unsure about taking part in a Twitter pitch party? Then decide after reading Jennifer’s post!

Success at a Twitter Pitch Party

I’m often asked how I found a publisher for Broken Fate. The short answer is, “Thank you, Twitter,” because I found Clean Teen Publishing (or they found me, depending on your perspective) through a pitch party on Twitter.

I had been querying Broken Fate for a couple of months. Despite some interest and requests for full manuscripts, I was getting nowhere fast. One day I was on Twitter and I saw something called, “#Pit2Pub” trending. Okay, I thought, what’s that? I looked into it and discovered the world of pitch parties. Continue reading

Was #PitMad A Bust? Then Try These Other Twitter Pitches*

will twitter pitch for agent

As you know, every three months there’s a Twitter pitch session called #PitMad. And every six months there’s a Twitter pitch just for science fiction and fantasy authors called #SFFpit. But they’re not the only Twitter pitches around. So for today’s post, I’m sharing  a few upcoming pitches that you can take part in.

  1. V#PitchCB. #PitchCB is a one day event like #PitMad. But is hosted by the Curtis Brown Literary & Talent Agency. It launched last July and takes place every fourth Friday of the month. To take part, you pitch your manuscript in 140 characters, only once for the entire day, with the hashtag #PitchCB. If your pitch is favorited by an agent, then submit to that agent and follow their submission guidelines. Continue reading

Thinking of Entering PitMad? There Are Some New Rules You Need to Know

will pitch for agent

It’s that time again and the first PitMad session of 2016 is only 10 days away. And if you’ve never participated or heard of PitMad before, then I’m here to help you. First let’s get into a bit of history about PitMad.

PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter to help writers like yourselves get out of the slush pile. And into the hands of agents interested in your manuscript(s). Now remember your manuscript must be completed, polished as polished can be and unpublished. And you only have 140 characters to pitch it.

You can thank its creator, Brenda Drake, for this opportunity.

In the past you can pitch your book twice an  hour from 8am to 8pm on the day of the pitch party. And that you can RT your favorite pitches to show support to the writer. Well things have been a little different since the last PitMad in December. There are some new rules:

  • You can only tweet 3 different pitches per manuscript. Or the same pitch 3x. But I suggest that 3 different pitches will work better in your favor. Maybe one or two of your pitches is stronger than the other and might get you a favorite from an agent. Also, if you have another completed manuscript, you can pitch that as well. The same rules apply, only 3 pitches for each. eg. Twitter pitches I’ve made for my work in progress, Nadia the Fire Witch: Continue reading