Music to Listen to While Writing Your NaNo Novel

Music to Listen to While Writing Your NaNo Novel

NaNoWriMo 2017 begins in 44 days! I know Preptober is next month but that doesn’t mean it’s not too early to start prepping now. For example, figuring out what music/playlist to listen to  as we write our NaNo novel.

Before you gasp in shock and claim how it’s so distracting, let me explain first. Continue reading


Undead Origins: How Did The Undead Road Come To Be?

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I interrupt this regular blog programming to bring to you The Undead Road by David Powers King! Today, I am a tour host in The Undead Road Tour. And author David Powers King shares with us the origins to his zombie apocalypse novel. Enjoy!

Thanks for having me, Lidy!

In my early teen years, I had an insatiable craving for monster movies. I’d go to Blockbuster (remember those?) and rent all kinds: Vampires. Godzilla. The classic Universal monsters. While enjoyable, none of them really stuck. And then, one fateful night, I stayed up late to watch the 1990s remake of Night of the Living Dead after everyone had gone to bed. Didn’t sleep that night. I was overwhelmed with fascination and absolute dread. Continue reading