Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Nine years ago today I posted my first blog post on IHeartAllStories. On a free website builder called Weebly. I was introduced to Weebly in college. Thanks to my college professor/advisor, who’d like for her English students to be a bit tech savvy. And had us submit reviews/reports via the site.

I decided to blog on Weebly because I liked its WYSIWYG editor. It allowed me to see how the post would look while I was creating it. And loved its drag and drop function too. It was easy to use.

At first, I had no real direction or purpose for the blog. I started it after I began writing again. Knowing having a blog would be good in building my author’s platform and audience. Which was why after my first post, my second post was 129 days later. Nearly four months.

Now my blog has a clear purpose. Giving writerly advice learned from my own experience and others. My writing progress and publications. Celebrating different forms of storytelling (TV shows, anime, poetry, etc). Featuring other authors and the occasional review.

I’ve now been on WordPress for seven years after moving my blog from Weebly almost two years later in May 2015. And renamed it Paving My Author’s Road. Now, here I am, blogging for nine years. Just one year short of a decade. OMG. When I first started I’d never imagined I’d be blogging for this long.

So to celebrate the occasion I did something I never imagined I’d ever do. By going blonde. For the past two years my hairdresser has been coloring my hair in shades of red, ombre style. But before she used to try to persuade me to go blonde. Well, she finally got her wish last week. On the weekend before I went to the salon to choose my colors.

The color on the far right was the base color. As it has a hint of red in it, it went well with the red that still hadn’t fade out at the ends. The blonde and brown colors alternates throughout my hair.

I’m happy how it came out. It was a chore dealing with my hair. As you can see, I have a lot of it and it’s thick. And she trimmed the ends which was much needed. But the end results…wow. Of course there was no doubt because my hairdresser is a damn good colorist.

How do you like my new look?

Have any upcoming events to celebrate? An anniversary, birthday, personal, book, etc.? How do you plan to celebrate? How many years have you been blogging?


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