IWSG Day & Drawing Lines

Happy IWSG Day! It’s another IWSG blog hop and we’re together again, sharing our writing highs and lows. Thanks for bringing us together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh

The awesome co-hosts for the October 6 posting of the IWSG are: Jemima Pett, J Lenni Dorner, Cathrina Constantine, Ronel Janse van Vuuren, and Mary Aalgaard!

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So what’s going on with me this month?

Well, I’ve been dealing with a cold. My nose is finally no longer stuffy. Now, if I can only get rid of this cough. Felt it coming on last week Monday and I was a bit stuffy by Tuesday afternoon. But that evening…whew. Kept my hubby from sleeping as I coughed throughout the night. Ended up taking the next two days off from work. And spent it coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose and sleeping.

In celebration of Halloween I started watching The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror specials. I’m now up to season 19, Treehouse of Horror XVIII. So far, my favorite Halloween themed segment is when Homer sold his soul to the devil for a Donut. Bart versus the gremlin on the side of the bus. Groundskeeper Willie as Freddy Krueger. Homer building a time machine from his toaster. The Springfield Elementary staff solving the overcrowded detention by eating the students.

I made a tiny change on my website. Have you spotted it yet? If you look in the right hand corner of my blog you’ll see that I’ve changed my blogging schedule. Until the foreseeable future, I’ll only blog once a month, every IWSG day. Also, I’ve been a bit lax in commenting back, so will try harder to be better in doing so.

If you’ve participated in NaNoWriMo before, then you know that October is also known as Preptober. Where participants have 31 days (some start earlier) to prep/plot/outline/research for their NaNo novel. Still not sure if I should start a new novel or become a rebel again this year. But I have 25 days to figure out what to do.

October 6 question – In your writing, where do you draw the line, with either topics or language?

Violence against women and children. That is where I draw the line in my writing as well as my reading. It can be referred to through emotional trauma. Showing mental and physical trauma or scars the character(s) undergoes and possibly overcome. Never would I write a detailed description of the actual event. As for cursing and offensive language, I’m a bit more flexible. It depends if it’ll stay true to the tone of the story, character and series of events.

What’s going on with you this month? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo next month? If so, are you rebelling  or starting a new novel? In your writing, where do you draw the line, with either topics or language? Any plans to celebrate Halloween?


  1. Oh boy. I hope you feel better soon!

    As it stands for me, I only blog once a month as well for IWSG day. I keep telling myself I’m going to get back to posting, but so far I’ve not followed through. Best of luck with NaNo this year. I’ve tried to do it twice and failed. Writing under that kind of pressure is not good for me.

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    • Thanks Meka. Me too, I’m tired of the little coughs that remain. Never have I cleared my throat so much.
      Not wholly sure I’ll return to posting more than once a month. When I started blogging, I tried to blog more than twice a week. Eventually my blogging schedule became once a week and now every other week. Before my break, I was having a hard time coming up with ideas for the second blog post. And during the summer blog break the urge to continue posting once a month for IWSG grabbed hold.
      As for NaNoWriMo, can’t take the pressure either, so I’ve learned it’s best to set up my own personal goals. And I usually stretch NaNo out into December for another 31 days.


    • It really is nostalgic. Only wish Disney+ had set things up where the viewer can watch the Simpson Treehouse of Horror specials easily. Have to constantly exit back to watch the next season’s special because the following episode after the special would play next.
      Yes! So glad I stumbled and joined IWSG.


    • Thanks. In the spirit of Halloween, I had to go with a writing quote by Edgar Allen Poe.
      Otherwise it’ll be jarring and likely bring the reader out of the story to introduce such language when there was none before.

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    • Before covid, used to take my sons to an early trick or treat event at a nearby shopping center. Looks like Halloween will be cancelled again this year. Last year we had no trick or treaters. Good thing I decided not to buy any candy to give out.
      Yeah, we must not be sane to do what we do.

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  2. Violence directed at children would definitely be hard to write about.

    That being said, the Simpsons Halloween episode in which Bart’s teachers discover the delicious solution to disciplinary problems in the classroom is one of my faves, too. The Hamilton Beech student chopper set to ‘gooify.’

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    • Feel the same. It’s one thing if the victim of said violence talks about it, giving out plain, succinct facts of what happened to them to unburden themselves, share their pain and or other therapeutic purposes. But a detailed, graphic description as its happening that’s a hard stop for me.

      Marge’s advice to Bart and Lisa to stand up against the teachers and tell them “don’t eat me” was hilarious.


    • Happy rebelling. Since for the past few years I’ve set my own NaNo goals and stretching NaNoWriMo to December, I wonder if I should rebel as well. And once I’m done rebelling go straight into book two. As you say, just getting some rough draft words on the page.


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