IWSG Day, Anniversary & Symbols

Happy IWSG Day! Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2021? And we’re still here, together as always giving and receiving writerly support. Thanks for bringing us together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh.

The awesome co-hosts for the June 2nd posting of the IWSG are: J Lenni Dorner, Sarah Foster, Natalie Aguirre, Lee Lowery, and Rachna Chhabria!

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So what’s going on with me this month?

First, I have to say one thing…Happy eight years (and 9 days) blogiversary!

When I first started blogging I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I still sometimes don’t. And I started blogging for the most part as a way to build my author’s platform.

Another thing going on with me this month is symbols. And after putting the question to and getting advice from my 10 year old I’ve yet to come to a final decision. When I wrote about my MC’s reclaiming her fae brand into a kickass tattoo, it’s location was on the back of her left hand. Then I started thinking why the left hand and not the right?

The left hand symbolizes darkness and evil. In my WIPs the fae are mostly seen as dangerous criminals who are mostly up to no good. And shouldn’t be trusted at all. Yet 90% of the population are right handed. And by greeting with the right hand and or shaking hands, others can tell you came in peace and are trustworthy. But the fae brand tattoo on the right hand reverses it. It ends up showing others the opposite and to be wary of the fae person. As well as differentiating between who’s really human and who is fae with humanoid features.

So to say, after posing out loud to myself the very same question and points to my ten year old, I’m still undecided. Although, my son was quick to answer to go with the right hand. Because most people shake with the right hand. But what about your input? Should I keep the location of the brand tattoo on the left hand or rewrite it to the right? Or should I put a pin in it and get on with the re-drafting?

June 2 question – For how long do you shelve your first draft, before reading it and re-drafting? Is this dependent on your writing experience and the number of stories/books under your belt?

It depends. It can be anywhere up to three or four months. Or when I feel ready to tackle it. I have a few WIPs that I have on hiatus. Though it’s been more than two years since I’ve read and redrafted them, they’re in no way permanently shelved. I’ve yet to do their rewrites. Either because the moment hadn’t been right, a new story idea would ensnare me and or procrastination.

Why did you start blogging? How long have you been blogging? How important is symbolism in your writing? Do you research and think over which objects, colors etc to use as symbols in your writing? Or are you blasé  about it, for example making the car red because the color is cool for a car? For how long do you shelve your first draft, before reading it and re-drafting? Is this dependent on your writing experience and the number of stories/books under your belt?

PS Good luck to those participating in #PitMad tomorrow.


    • Thank you Alex. I think a tattoo on the neck will hurt more. Never understood how someone can undergo or why would they have that done.


  1. Those are a lot of questions. Mine was quite an accidental blog and then it all became addictive. Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary. I would choose the right hand though. I think you would be more confused by the end of this. So best to go by your own instinct, right?

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    • When I started blogging it was originally supposed to be mostly a review blog. I was going to review books, anime and manga. And post chapter blog posts of my WIP.
      Now that I’ve had more time to think on, instinct and inspiration are starting to mingle.


  2. I started blogging because I was trying to find writer friends. It’s been a long haul and I think I’ve met my goal.

    About that hand. It sounds like no matter where the tat is, when anyone sees it the fae will be judged and condemned. So hiding would be a logical step.

    However, magic and fae tend to go hand in hand, why not bump up the tat so no matter where the tat is they can’t hide it. It glows through the fabric, or leaves a trail like footprints on the ground when they walk, or shines a beacon on them, or sparkles of star dust orbits their head. Sure they could use magic to hide it for a time, but do they have the magic to spare. Would they want to waste it? Or in a desperate attempt to be trusted, would they bind their powers to stop the tat from giving them away?

    Question is: how far would they go to stop the judgement? Good luck with the story. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

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    • Slapping my forehead. Was so focused on the storyline on fae prejudice that I completely overlooked that duh, you can’t trust a fae. Yeah, there’re fae characters in the WIP but they’re also fairies and other magical creatures that get lumped as fae when they’re not. When they’re more amiable than their fae brethren. And most of them aren’t pure blooded fae/fairy/folklore creatures as the ones who stayed behind settled down with humans. Oh, the inspiration for the hand tattoo is hitting me now.

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  3. Happy Blogiversary! May cupcakes and wine be plenty!

    Fae are definitely up to no good and not to be trusted. It probably doesn’t matter which hand the tattoo is on – if the Fae don’t want it seen, they’ll find a way to hide it! 🤣 I’m left-handed, but really, ambidextrous, because left-handed children were considered minions of Satan when I was taught to write. We were basically forced into right-handedness. Possibly, I’m half Fae.

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    • In my MCs case she flaunts it. It’s her middle finger against the current establishment. Of course she hides it when she has a job to do. Can’t be tracked down by the authorities so easily because they recognize her tattoo.

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    • Thank you Sarah. It’s funny. I started blogging because I heard creating an author platform was a step to undergo in becoming a writer. But I joined a site bookblogs.ning.com (it shut down) then Insecure Writer’s Support Group to meet and befriend other writers. Found about the IWSG through another author’s blog and was inspired to join.


    • Thanks Cathrina. I still cringe over my first blog post. It was all over the place. And after posting, I didn’t write another blog post for another four months. It took me that long to figure out what direction I wanted for my blog.


  4. Fascinating discussion about tattoos in your story and your reflections about what and where — which led me to more questions. Is the tattoo on the top of the hand (in your face?)? Could be seen as assertive, aggressive, and especially hinting at the dark side if on the left hand. Why on the hand? Does the character ever want to hide her tattoo? How does the meaning of the tattoo change if the character sees it as ‘public’ or ‘private’? I’m already curious about what you’ll decide (or what your character will decide!).

    Congratulations on your blogiversary! That’s an accomplishment. I didn’t remember how long I’ve been blogging, so I looked. My writing blog began in 2005! Whew! And it began as an exercise in writing . . . which has morphed many times into a platform for all my writing projects, including poetry. But my first blog, a travel blog, began in 2003, mostly because I wanted to share thoughts and connect with friends and family as hubby and I traveled around the world. May you celebrate each year your own writing journey!


  5. Congrats on your blogiversary! As for symbolism, for me it usually develops organically as I’m drafting and revising. I’ll write something in, then realize it has symbolic value (or could have with some tweaks), and I’ll run with it. But some items in my stories are just what they seem. It depends on the item, who it belongs to, and whether or not it occurs to me to make it symbolic.

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  6. Happy Blogoversary! I’ve been blogging for a little over 10 years. I started because I wanted to create my author platform and spotlight debut authors. Back then everyone was told to have a blog. It’s transformed into a real desire to help writers and authors (mostly debut MG and YA authors) on their publishing journey. I’m so glad to have connected with other writers and authors who still like blogging.

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