IWSG Day, Refreshed…and Concerned?

Happy IWSG Day! It’s our second blog hop of the new year. New year, new goals or ongoing goals, nothing beats coming together. Sharing our ups and downs as we travel our writing paths. Thanks for bringing this amazing community together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanuagh

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So what’s going on with me this month?

Happy Black History Month!

I’m back from my mini writing break, raring to go. Last year, I finally completed my manuscript. Now for the next several months I’ll be tackling the dreadful middle. I’ve renamed those chapters ‘Chapter X.’ And will be my sole focus in the next few months.

To further help revise, rewrite and edit my manuscript I’ve also added two new writing guides to have close at hand. And I’ve been wanting these two, and the rest of its brethren ever since I bought my first book from the collection. The Emotional Wound Thesaurus and The Occupation Thesaurus by Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman.

Marked several emotional wounds to flesh out with my MC. Having a little trouble in applying my MCs occupation of thief. The closest occupation I found was an antiques dealer. Unfortunately sales or purveyors aren’t listed in the thesaurus. On the upside, I found several occupations of my characters from my other WIPs.

Anyway, that’s three down and four more to go!

So I’m refreshed to get back into my story “The Otherside of Home” (formerly known as Hellsgate). But also a bit hesitant. After coming across a post on a Facebook writer’s group. The writer had received a rejection letter from a publisher. Though they’d liked the story because it was “quiet” it’d be hard to represent. Now I’m starting to wonder if my WIP, the opposite, is too “loud.” There’s a scene in particular where my MC faces the antagonist. Her adversary throughout the series. Where she spews a lot of hate towards my MC.

With all the negative emotions unearthed, stirred and inflamed the past few years is it too much? On the nose? Will it turn readers/publishers/agents off. Should I soften the scene or leave it alone? 

All this was going through my head as I wrote this blog post. But then I started re-watching Black Lightning. From episode one the show did not shy away on racial and social justice issues. The Harry Potter series dealt with racial inequality and hierarchy as well.

Guess, I’ll have to remind myself not to self-censor myself during the rewrites and edits. And after I’m done, when I’m ready to, I’ll pose these questions in the future for beta readers. Including whether it’s organic to the storyline or purely shock value.

Ever written something that gave you second thoughts about including it in the story? Why? Did you cut it out, soften the impact/voice or leave as is? Do you own any of the books from thesaurus collection? Do you have a particular favorite thesaurus? Why?

PS Good luck to everyone participating in #SFFpit today!


    • I remember coming across the quote sometime after I started blogging and started writing again. I like to go back to it whenever I need a reminder not to give up. And to keep at it until as C.J Cherryh said to edit brilliantly.

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  1. I often used to have second thoughts about things I’d written as I used to be very heavy handed about making a point and lectured more than told a story. These days I’ve got better at not putting that stuff in to start with.

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    • Yes, the antagonist is the embodiment of the anti-fae/magic and a believer what she does is just. But it comes across as hate.
      I’ll follow my instincts to wherever it takes. Hopefully to the end of a good story that readers will enjoy.

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  2. Good luck. You have a task at hand, for the editing is the tougher part. But those thoughts are inevitable. I’ve seen so many writers mention them. For now, put them away. I’m sure you have a beautiful story on its way.

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  3. So yes, I have many seconds thoughts about the gay character in my WIP, based on a personal friend, witty, fun, dark stories, and not consumed with his gayness. But, as he has repeated said to me, gay guys (or gals) are not homogenous in their makeup and beliefs. Irony, anybody? So in my attempt to be diverse, I am sure to be skewered for not “getting it right.” But screw it. I love my friend and he loves my character, so he stays.

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