IWSG Day, NaNoWriMo & Why I Write

Happy IWSG Day! 2020 is almost at an end and we’re still together, providing support, personal and writerly. Thanks for bringing this community together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh.

The awesome co-hosts for the November 4th posting of the IWSG are: Jemi Fraser, Kim Lajevardi, L.G Keltner, Tyrean Martinson, and Rachna Chhabria!

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So what’s going on with me this month?

Well it’s NaNoWriMo and as of now my current word count is 2,197 words. Created my own word count tracker calendar in Google sheets. It’s my hope the calendar will keep me moving and pushing forward to reach my goal. 

I’ve set my own word count goal of 30k and stretched the time frame to reach my goal from November 1st to December 31st. My aim is to finally complete my urban fantasy by the end of the year.

Which brings me to today’s question.

Albert Camus once said, “The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” Flanner O’Conner said, “I write to discover what I know.” Authors across time and distance have had many reasons to write. Why do you write what you write?

Well, Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I’ve been a bookworm since around the first grade. It wasn’t long until I started writing stories of my own. 

Since I was a young child I knew that I wanted to become a published author. But a teacher’s comment about the profession caused me to detour from that dream. And I detoured once again because of adulting. It wasn’t until a few years when my job relocated to a new city when I found my path back to writing again. I wanted to write. Have my work published and read by others. And stories have been flooding my mind. Filling my documents and folders ever since. Waiting to be told.

To provide accountability to those stories I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo. My first NaNo novel was a young adult fantasy in 2013. I’ve only skipped NaNoWriMo once in 2014 to take part in National Nonfiction Writing Month (NaNonFiWriMo).

Why? Because I write what I want to write so that it doesn’t stay hidden inside me. I write what I write because I want my stories read. Enjoyed, found entertaining and moving. I write what I write because, despite the times when writing becomes taxing, I do enjoy it.

So I write and take part in NaNoWrimo to turn my intangible dreams into tangible reality.

Why do you write what you write? Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? Have any writing goals you wish to accomplish by the end of the year?


    • Thanks. NaNoWriMo never fails to boost my wish to get my stories on paper. As I’m a turtle writer it’s probably the only time my word count is at it highest and with consecutive days writing.


  1. Maya Angelou really knew what she was talking about. One class at the Gotham’s Writers Workshop in NYC and I finally had the courage to take the leap and write that story brewing inside me for so long. In that class, I wrote a short story and read it aloud. The feedback I got was amazing, a student even said I gave her a bit of anxiety. I loved that!
    As for Nano… I’m aiming for a first draft around 40k, with the goal to publish final edited version in spring 2021, but who know what other catastrophic even will occur between now and then. LOL

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    • Yes, she did. Ms. Angelou had a way of stating things simply and eloquently that you feel the truth of her words to your bones.

      Glad you took that leap. And good luck with your NaNoWriMo goals!


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