IWSG Day & Writerly Updates

Happy IWSG Day! It’s the tenth IWSG day of the year. And every first Wednesday of the month we’ve come together. Sharing our writerly woes and success. Thanks for creating and bringing this writing community together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh

The awesome co-hosts for the October 7th posting of the IWSG are: Jemima Pett, Beth Camp, Beverly Stowe McClure, and Gwen Gardner!

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So what’s going on with me this month?

Well, I’ve decided to be a NaNoWriMo Rebel. Once again I’ll be working on my urban fantasy WIP Hellsgate. Which I still haven’t found a new title for. Thought I’d go with Anaya Versus the Druid. Or Anaya and the Village of Paradise. Paradise Lost is another possible title contender. But then wouldn’t that bring to mind John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost? Then that led me to Anaya’s Revolt, Anaya’s Loss, Lost and Found and then it kind of went downhill from there. Sigh, don’t know why but I’m much better in naming my characters than coming up with titles. Any suggestions?

Also, to prep getting my WIP complete, rewritten, revised and ready I created a few pitches. Plus, thinking and writing up the pitches helped to focus more on getting to the heart of the story. Thinking of ridding the prologue and inserting it in the story as a flashback. And the item that gets my MC into trouble will become more of a plot point/storyline in the sequel.

Another thing going on with me this month is I’m still high over the National Book Festival. I watched John Grisham, Nic Stone, Juan Felipe Herrera, Walter Mosely and Alaya Dawson live. Walter Mosley even answered my question. I asked how he felt about BLM’s influence on the publishing industry. And how it led to creating hashtag #BVM (black voices matter) for authors of color on Twitter pitch parties. His response was that he likes seeing this consciousness and hoped that it wouldn’t wane. And when I asked Herrera how his interest in writing poetry began I learned that it was because of his mother. And as a son of a revolutionary he used to go around with his mother with a guitar and singing folk songs.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? If yes, let’s be buddies. What’s your NaNo novel about? What’s your favorite pitch? Take the poll. You can choose as many pitches that piqued your interest as you want when you vote. Have any suggestions for an alternative title for my urban fantasy? Did you attend the book festival? Which authors did you watch and chat with live?


    • It was my first book festival too. In the future, when social distancing is no longer the norm, I’ll make it a point to attend one in person. Thanks for stopping by.


    • I know. Actually squealed like a school girl who’s been noticed by her crush.
      I really don’t like how I suck with titles. They do not come easy to me. I’ll check Amazon against the titles. Thanks Alex.


  1. I’m not going to NaNo this year: I’ve got a November 1st deadline on my current project and won’t want to jump straight into my next one. But I love the process and have used it to kick start a few projects, including one that made it out there as a published novel 🙂 @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

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    • Good luck with the project you have in mind. Hope to see you NaNo-ing this year. Will keep “Anaya’s Revolt” listed as a possible result. Why do you like it by the way?


  2. Sounds like you’ve got it all planned. Prologues are not generally recommended these days unless for a very good reason. If you can handle it in flashback so much the better. Having said that, Elly Griffiths starts her latest crime novel with a prologue, but the POV is someone who;s dead in the first chapter lol.

    There’s someone I’ve visited today who could do with your badge at the end – the perfect garbage one. I must go and find her again and suggest she visit.

    Good luck with Nano!

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    • The prologue is from my MC’s guardian POV but it’s a short scene. As I’m writing this, I’m now thinking of possibly keeping it. While extending that scene from the MC’s POV in flashbacks.
      Glad to have the quote be of service to her.

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  3. You are certainly keeping busy. Most of the books I’ve written (not necessarily published) have had names that came to me easily, but my husband and I worked on one together for a few years and we just called it “Busman’s Holiday” as he was an English teacher and what would an English teacher do for a holiday but more English. Eventually we came up with a title we liked, but it is still Busman’s Holiday in my head. (No busses, busmen or holidays in it.)

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  4. Personally, I write down keywords describing my book (what you’ll have to enter when you publish on KDP anyway), then I go to Amazon, go to the specific genre of my book and take a look at what’s popular, then come up with several titles, which I then search for on Amazon to see which one will work best. Good luck!

    Ronel visiting on IWSG day Revamp Your Backlist

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  5. I hope to do NaNo this year, though not yet registered. I am taking a writing course now and have a writer’s conference at the end of the month, so my mind could change. You were so lucky to catch Walter Mosley’s eye. His book ‘This Year You Write Your Novel’ was the first book on writing that I bought–even before the Stephen King one!

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