2020 Writing Progress Report #2

Hi! I’m back to my regular posting. I actually forgot I was back from my blogging break and posting twice a month now. So those of you who visited my blog last Monday I apologize. 

Now, on to today’s post. Before I went on my annual blogging break I shared my writing progress as well as my plans for the next four months. Suffice it to say there’s nothing much to report. Here’s how my second tri-annual writing progress report of 2020 looks like.


  • No new works submitted 


  • No new stories added on Wattpad


  • Added new scenes to romantic shorts “The Anniversary Present,” “What Happens in Caribana” and urban fantasy “Hellsgate” inside my head

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Writing plan:

  • Become a NaNoWriMo rebel and finish writing “Hellsgate”
  • Review, rewrite, revise and edit urban fantasy “Hellsgate”
  • Attend Twitter pitch partiers, query publishers and presses
  • Continue to rewrite, revise and edit romance short “What Happens in Caribana”
  • Continue to rewrite, revise and edit romance short “The Anniversary Present”

As you can see I didn’t get much actual writing done. Any writing I did was snippets inside my head. Now that I’m off my blogging break did I start typing out words and thoughts. It’s been a trickle so far but hopefully the flow rate would grow more and more.

As before my writing plan for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 is simplified and condensed. I plan to take it a day at a time, writing a page a day. Then maybe I can beat this writing lethargy and have “Hellsgate” ready to query. By then I’ll have a new and more fitting title for my urban fantasy. Already created some new pitches inspired by an old blog post and TV/movie summaries. Which of the following pitches do you like the most?:

  1. To save her makeshift family (lives) Anaya undertakes a mission from a secret government agency to solve the mystery of a small village and its young charismatic leader.
  1. To free her makeshift family Anaya undertakes a mission from a secret government agency to investigate a small village, its mystical leader the druid Michael and eliminate any enemies if necessary.
  1. Press ganged to do a job for an anti-magic agency, Amaya must be friend and foe to friendly villagers, its charismatic, mystical leader and the forest spirits protecting them.
  1. A secret anti-magic agency. Missing agents. A druid and ambivalent spirits. When Anaya’s crew agrees to steal valuable merchandise from a yacht she finds herself in an epic battle between fae, magic, spirits and mankind.
  1. To free her crew from the clutches of an agency faction, young thief Anaya agrees to spy on a mysterious village and its leader.
  1. In a world rife with anti-magic and anti-fae tensions, embroiled in a fated battle of wills between fae, spirits and humanity.
  1. Hostages. Secret factions. Mystical leader with psychotic tendencies. And dubious spirits. When a simple theft goes awry Anaya must rely on her wits, skills and a bit of luck to save her friends. Her plan? Befriending the enemy.

How did your summer go? Have any writing news to share? How many times do you change the title of your story before you find the ‘right title’? Do you plan to take part in any Twitter pitch parties? Speaking of, don’t forget about #PitMad on December 3rd. As well as #IWSGPit on January 20, 2021 and if it returns for a fourth year, #KissPitch on February 14, 2021.


    • Thanks Alex. When I’m ready to take part in a Twitter pitch, I’ll remember to use those three pitches. But first, will have to finish writing and polishing “Hellsgate.” And find a new title. So far I’m able to come up with “Anaya Versus So-and-so” and “Anaya and the So-and-so.”


    • Does that mean you’ll never do NaNoWriMo again?
      I’m hoping my rebellion this year will help me start finally working on putting the finishing touches on my WIP.
      Thanks Chrys! I like #4 too.


    • Thanks, will keep that in mind. Now, if only I can up with “the” title. What I semi came up with so far sounds MGish and my MC is around 17yo. Maybe Anaya and the Village of Paradise/Paradise Village? Paradise Lost but then people will think of Milton’s Poem. Sigh, why do I have more trouble coming up with titles than character names?


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