Happy Poem In Your Pocket Day!

Poem in your pocket day

Happy National Poetry Month!

In my last post I apologized profusely for being derelict in my duties in sharing the poetry love. But this time, I’m ready and on top of things. I might’ve not been able to say ‘Happy National Poetry Month!’ starting April 1st. But I can say with delight Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Today’s event you carry and share a poem you’re in your pocket. This year, it’s encouraged to take part digitally, which I’ve always done. And also taped the chosen poem in my cubicle for the year until the next poem in your pocket day.

Last year I chose Jane Hirshfield’s “Mosquito.” From the year before to the first time I started ‘30 Days of Poetry Love’ blog posts, I’d chosen Khaled Mattawa’s “Lyric,” Anna Yin’s “My Accent,” Alberto Rios’ “When Giving Is All We Have,” and Emily Bronte’s “Spellbound.”

For 2020, it came down to a choice between three poems. One of which I chose as my pocket poem in 2016. The other poem was Joy Harjo’s “Remember.”

In the end, my 2020 pocket poem had to, without a doubt, be Adebe DeRango-Adem’s “O Sea of Troubles We Did Not Take Arms Against.”

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 11.06.44 PM

How did you celebrate poetry month? What poem are you carrying in your pocket to share digitally? Come across any inspiring and uplifting poems this month you’d like to share?

PS Here’s where you can read and enjoy the poems that didn’t make it into my pocket. 


dead poet society quote


    • Thanks. That what caught my eye and intrigued me. I re-read the poem three different ways and couldn’t get the poem out of my mind. It was the obvious choice.


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