Happy National Poetry Month!

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Well, I don’t know what to say but that I apologize. What am I apologizing for? For being remiss…no being derelict in waiting thirteen days. Waiting halfway through April to say “Happy National Poetry Month!

The only excuse I have for this blatant tardiness is because of this isolation. Which, forgive me again for the cliche, has me not knowing whether I’m coming and going. For the first time since I’ve started doing my “30 Days of Poetry Love” that I have nothing planned this month. No favorite poem or poets to share with and introduce.

Shocker, right? Yet, what I can do is share a poem that’s gone viral since last month in response to Covid 19. I hope you enjoy it. And that it gives you hope. That when this is all over, after spending so many weeks apart from each other, we’d become closer to one another.



How are you celebrating poetry month? Come across any inspiring and uplifting Covid 19 poems you’d like to share?

PS Here’s where you can read and enjoy past “30 Days of Poetry Love” blog posts.

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    • I know. I still can’t believe it myself. For a second I was afraid I missed Poem in Your Pocket Day then sighed in relief when I found I haven’t. All I have to do now is read through 30 poems and choose one for the day.

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