Having Merry Christmas Character Interview

merry and her man [_]


Welcome to the last couple character interview and blog post of the year. Today I’m interviewing the last couple from my holiday romance novella trilogy “Holidaze.”

So, without further ado let me introduce you to Javier and Merry from “Having Merry Christmas.”

Welcome Javier and Merry.


Hi. Do you want some Christmas cookies I baked?

Ugh, you’re killing me Merry. I already fell off the don’t gain weight this holiday season wagon. Oh hell, I’ll take only one. (bites into a Christmas tree sugar cookie and mouth drops open in ecstasy) Ssssooo gooood. Let me have another.

My girl always knew how to bake.

Thank you. (blushes as Javier makes Merry feed him a cookie).

Oh no, save the PDA until after the interview. (doubt they’ll make it that long) And what do you mean by ‘always?’ Didn’t you two just meet?

She used to be my tutor.

Oh. How did this happen?

I started tutoring for extra money during college and put up flyers at local libraries.

The only reason I studied was to impress Merry. Had a huge crush on her.

So if you were his tutor how far apart in age are you?

Age is nothing but a number.

But if you have to know only six years.

Have any funny tutoring stories to share?

I once walked in on him kissing a pillow.

Aww, come on. I thought you’d forgotten about that.

Was he really kissing a pillow?


Only because I was imagining the pillow was you. (actually blushing) Well at least I get to kiss you for real and as much as I want to now.

Yes you can. (leans forward and kisses him on the cheek)

Okay, okay, okay. (stepping in before things escalate and the interview ends early) How did you two meet again?

Fate. Was looking for a good bakery to celebrate a work anniversary.

It had to be a fluke. I opened my bakery near my son’s daycare. Didn’t even know Javier worked close by.

I overheard someone from work about this new bakery and decided to check it out.

Then he walked in to my store one day. He looked familiar and figured I’d seen him around the neighborhood.

I knew it was her when she smiled at me and asked what I wanted. Before I could stop myself I said you.

I couldn’t believe it. Instead of a customer I thought he was some pervert trying to solicit me and threatened to call the cops. Then he said the corniest thing-

I said please do because I like to report her for stealing my heart Merry Christmas.

When he called me that I knew who he was. Only Javier used to tease me by calling me that nickname. He knew I hated it.

Hey boys tend to tease the girls they like. You should’ve known then.

Well I do now. (leans forward for another cheek kiss but Javier turns his head and claims her lips)

Right. No point of the interview now. And they seem to be in a world of their own. Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed my final blog post and character interview of 2019. I’ll see you again on January 1, 2020 for the top ten of Paving My Author’s Road blog. The Wednesday following would be the first IWSG blog hop of the year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Here’s Javier and Merry song. Enjoy!




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