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So what’s going on with me this month?

I’ve been in a writing funk. For the past several years I’ve taken time off from blogging. I take my break right after National Poetry Month in April. And until September when school starts to dedicate myself 100% to my stories. But that hasn’t been happening. I can make the case that at least I’ve been writing inside my head. That I’ve actually been thinking about the story. I’ve been doing a lot of reading too. Stephen King said it best, “If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Then at least two weeks ago Facebook had to show me a memory of a post I made six years ago. And I can hardly believe it. I actually plotted out 24 chapters? And nowadays I’m lucky to be able to write 24 words let alone 24 sentences.

It makes me wonder. What happened? Have I peaked?

Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 11.12.45 PM

Mind you I did get a bit wary when I asked myself that question. But then I remembered. Six years ago was when I got back into writing. With a goal to become a published author.

Before then I hadn’t committed myself to writing or submitting anything. Not for at least seven to eight years after graduating from college. I did try to find a writing/publishing related job but had moved to Virginia from New York after getting married. Got pregnant during the first year of marriage. Was focused in getting and staying with a stable nine to five. Had another child. And the years passed.

So during all that time, my well of imagination was filling itself, waiting until I was ready for it. And when I did, it gushed forth. With no nozzle to turn it off. Maybe my well is a tad low at the moment. But not dried out and gone. Maybe I haven’t peaked. With patience, lots of reading, and writing even a little bit, it’ll refill itself again. Even if it’s 24 sentences or paragraphs written, there’s more writing and stories to write. And I won’t let another seven to eight years pass by again before I do.

PS Those 24 chapters I plotted was the first story I tackled when I started writing again. The story was Harbingers of El Tinor.



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August 7 question – Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? For example, a positive and belated response to a submission you’d forgotten about or an ending you never saw coming?

Yes and it happened not too long ago. Every April I do something special on my blog to celebrate National Poetry Month. One of the poets I’ve featured on my blog the past few years is one of my new favorite poets Sarah Kay. Besides being a poetry writer, she’s also an educator and founder and co-director of Project VOICE. And editor for Write Bloody Publishing

I submitted five poems from my Triplicity poetry manuscript to their poetry contest. Unfortunately they weren’t selected for the finals. Yet, the email they sent me was different. The language of a rejection letter language is the same. They write how they’re sorry they couldn’t accept your submission. Or they enjoyed it but it’s not the right fit for them. Or to try submitting to them again in the future. This time not only did they write to submit to them again during their next submission period. They also made suggestions to other presses or publishers to submit to. Which of course I will do. 


    • Thanks Emaginette. Actually had a spark of an idea the other day for a possible paranormal story. It was one line, a possible opening line/hook, and kind of funny. Who knows if something will come out of it. And I almost forgot about it because I didn’t write it down. So, just in case, I’m filing it away to come back to it later.

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  1. What a lovely surprise. And just remember this. Your life will change. The things that make it hard to write now will change. Before you know it the words will pour out again.

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