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Happy IWSG Day! Whew, it’s the 7th IWSG Day of the year. Hope you’ll enjoy your 4th of July tomorrow. But first, let’s do what we do best. Coming together to offer each other support and encouragement to our fellow writers. Thanks for bringing this community together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh.
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So what’s going on with me this month?
Well, aside from counting down the hours to Stranger Things 3, this month I’m getting to know Independence. And I’m not talking about the barbecue and fireworks holiday happening tomorrow. Nor am I talking about being free from living hand to mouth on a 9 to 5 job because I’ve won the lotto. And or had a successful book debut.
I’m talking about Independence. A character in the second novella from my Holidaze trilogy. You see, she had the misfortune of being born on the 4th of July. And having parents who thought they were witty, named her after the same holiday. Well it was either that or Americus. So I guess in a way she was lucky. Sigh.
Anyways, here’s Independence who goes by her nickname Indie. And her leading man Manfred, from “Seeking Independence’s Heart.”

holidaze 2- indie & manfred

Welcome Indie and Manfred.
Hi. And I’d like to give a shout out to my girl Meka. If that’s alright.
Me too. And hi.

Oh, that’s fine. But it does make me curious. Who is this Meka person?
Oh let me answer this one.
Go ahead bae.
I was nominated for a reward last year. And according to Meka I looked a hot mess. So she recommended me to go to Indie’s place to get fixed up.

Ooh, that bad huh?
Like you wouldn’t believe. He lucky too. I’m usually booked for months in advance. If it wasn’t for Meka asking for a favor he’d gone up to get his reward looking like a cro-magnon caveman.
She even took time out to take me shopping. Nearly fainted at the amount of zero’s I saw that day. Good thing I was worth it.

Oh, so he was like your Chase Hammond? Sorry, I was watching Drive Me Crazy this past weekend.
That actress from 10 Things I Hate About You…uhm Larisa Oleynik, starred in that right?
No bae, Melissa Joan Hart did. And I can see the analogy. But really I just cleaned him up. The core bit of him, that makes him sweet, is all him.
(Manfred takes her hand, lace their fingers and kisses her knuckles) Indie’s just being modest. You know how amazing this woman is?

I think I might but I’d like to hear from you. What’s so great about Indie?
She’s bossy.
Excuse you?
But that’s how she gets when she’s passionate about something. She took one look at me and took me in hand, even though she was busy herself. And I did not make it easy. But the woman can perform miracles. She was going to have me accepting my reward in style or die trying. I went from… what did you call my look before?
Cro-magnon caveman.
Yes. I went from cro-magnon caveman slash Leonard Hofstadter to GQ magazine cover.

Wow. That sounds like a huge makeover. Well you do own a successful salon with clientele of the rich and famous.
That’s the thing too. Indie does more than make beautiful people beautiful. Cuts and styles hair. She somehow brings out the beauty inside a person. Makes them feel good about themselves.
Sometimes all it takes is the right cut. Or style and color. My motto is you’re fine just the way you are. And with what you got I’m gonna make fabulous.

I like the way you think Indie. So what else is going on with you two? And, I can’t believe I’m asking this, do you have anything spicy to share?
(Manfred gets excited) Maybe you can help. I’m still trying to convince her to dress up as Bayonetta or Lara Croft and (ouch) Did you pinch me?
Yes. And if you keep talking I’ll do it again.
God, I love it when you get all bossy.

Okay. Think, I’m a little sorry I asked. Anyways, glad to have you both over today. Hope to start writing your story soon.
Bye! Write us well.
Wow, for the first time ever, I’ve done an interview that hasn’t ended early due to raunchy behavior. Hope you enjoyed today’s interview and here’s their theme song, Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven.”

July 3 question: What personal traits have you written into your character(s)?
For my NaNoWriMo 2015 novel, adult romance “Dreaming of You,” the heroine is a single mother. She doesn’t have any of my personal traits but I have written some personal traits of my youngest son into her child. Like his directness and being a straight talker.
Keisha from the “Taming the Beast” short from my WIP Foreseen novella series does. Like me she often will focus on, have a dogged determination to see things to the end no matter how long it takes. Especially in humorous cases when a phrase, action, etc alludes her. And would drive herself crazy trying to remember where and when she saw and heard it before.
Hester, a new character from new story idea Steele Brothers series, is an introvert. Prefers her own company instead of being in a large group of people. But becomes assertive, outgoing and expressive when it comes to her love of anime and manga like me. Unlike me, she’s also a cosplayer and gamer.

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What personal traits have you written into your characters? What are your plans for July 4th? The rest of the summer? Would you have named your child a unique or weird name? Why or why not? What would it be? Or have known someone with a unique or weird name? What’s the craziest name have you ever heard?

on a blogging break


    • Thanks Chrys. I enjoy doing them. Instead of listing their traits, likes and dislikes, doing interviews like this helps me to get a more in depth look at their character.


  1. A character named Independence born on July 4–I like it! I don’t have children and I’m old enough that the ship has sailed on that venture, but I think I would stray from names that are tough to spell. I’ve enjoyed pretty much everyone knowing how to spell Jennifer. Fun character interview.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. It took awhile for the character herself to like it. Eventually she owned it. Besides, when you think about it, there are worse names. There really are.


    • Unfortunately I don’t. Have so many on my plate right now. And have to drop a few to focus on others. So I don’t know when I’d get to it. But your interest has me pumped to make it one of my first WIPs to work on right away after I’m done with the rest.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Too true. Fireworks every birthday is definitely cool. Just 1 day, 3 hours and 57 minutes left to the new season of Stranger Things! 😀


  2. Enjoyed the interview. Cool name too. Parents do stuff like that too name their kids after holidays and inanimate objects or a word on a medical report that was bad, lol, but funny and real because an officer (I was a dispatcher) had to put the name in his report and explain it was for real.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Juneta. Yeah, like name their kids after cars or liquor. I remember the story of how a coworker seen a name that was nothing but symbols. How do you even pronounce that?


    • Thanks. Glad to hear that. Wasn’t sure how this interview was going to end but in the process I’ve grown to like the sweetness of this couple.


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