Dreams – Open Thread #2

Credit image: Pixabay, Comfreak


Today’s post is different from my usual. And after searching through my blog posts, will be my second open thread written in six years. But as I’ve no writing advice (guidelines really) to share. Or characters to introduce. And writing anniversaries to celebrate, today I’m sharing what’s been on my mind the past week.

What are dreams? According to the dictionary dreams are “a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleeps.’

But to me dreams are a bit more than that. They’re the space and time, when my body is unaware, my mind  has thrown me into adventures where I star as the main heroine. Where I kick ass and save the world. And even get rewarded with story ideas. Like Dreaming of You, The Soul Traveler, Harbingers of El Tinor and Hellsgate too.

But I’ve noticed one odd constant in my dreams. Whenever my dreams are more of the everyday, non fantastical, I find myself in a building. And always, I end up searching for a bathroom to use. Yet no matter which floor I go on, up, down or sideways, the bathrooms are all the same. Something straight out of a horror film.



The toilets are filthy. Stuck up with all manners of things. Like excrement, stains and soiled tissue. Blech. Want to gag thinking about it.

What’s interesting though is I’ve had this disgusting bathroom scenes in my dreams for over two decades. And this is the first time I’ve noticed it. Which is why it’s been stuck on my mind. Because why? Why is it in every dream I have when I’m looking for a bathroom to use I end up in a bathroom of horrors?

So I had to look it up. And according to dream interpretations, a dirty bathroom represents hardship in life. And a need to psychologically and spiritually cleanse oneself. It can also mean over committing oneself and neglecting personal needs. Hhhmmm…something to think about.

Ever had a dream stump you? Is there one constant that always appears in your dreams? Ever become so intrigued by what your dream meant you looked it up? Ever had a dream that changed the course of your life? Inspired you to do something? For example, end or start a relationship. Change careers, invent something or follow and write a particular story (like me).



    • Oh no, that’s a legitmate fear I woudn’t wish to happen in reality to anyone. Also, according the dream dictionary, it means someone or something invading your space and territory. Prefer the latter over the former.


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