Be Mine Valentina Character Interview

holidaze 1- valentina & wendell

Welcome to the first couple character interview of the year. Today I’m interviews the first couple from my holiday romance novella trilogy “Holidaze.” Mostly because it’s February. And the story takes place before and around Valentine’s Day.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to Wendell and Valentina “Be Mine Valentina.”

Welcome Wendell and Valentina.

Hey girl.


So Valentina,  I hear congratulations are in order. From modeling, to commercials and now I hear you’re going to be on the big screen.

Thank you, thank you. (flips her her shoulder) I feel really great and blessed with all that I’ve accomplished so. (thumbs to her left at Wendell) Well, accept for dumbo over here trying to get in my way.

(Wendell sighs) Not this again.

Oh. Trouble in paradise already?



Okay, now I’m confused. What’s the problem between you exactly?

High and mighty over here doesn’t think I can cut it in the movie he’s investing in.

You’re not going to let that go are you? What I meant was that I think you’ll have a hard time grasping the core of your character. My opinion doesn’t mean I don’t find you talented.

In that case, what do you like about each other?

(Valentina crosses her arms looks left and up while staying mulishly silent)

(A slow, teasing smile spreads across Wendell’s face) You know, working with writers you often come across the cliches. They mostly get a bad rap, because not only they’re overused, they tend to be wrong. In Valentina’s case it’s wonderfully true.

Can you elaborate? What’s so wonderfully true?

The cushion.

(Valentina gasps, turns and smacks his arm) I can’t believe you just said that.

Neither do I. (or maybe not)

Ignore her. She’s just acting prudish and being stubborn when she knows she likes it.

(Valentina leans forward mulishly defensive) You should be ignoring him. He’s the one that likes to talk big, then, then…

(Wendell arches his brow) And follows through.

(Valentina blushes and scoffs) In your dreams.

(Wendell leans towards her, his hand slips under her arm, caresses the inside of her elbow and Valentina shivers) So stubborn. You know what I’ll do to you afterwards right? (Then leans forward and whispered something, obviously provocative in Valentina’s ear)

Well, from the furious blush on Valentina’s face and her squirming in her seat, I’m guessing this interview is over. Oh well, I’m used to it. Go, go, do whatever it is you’re dying to do. Just don’t share any details. Here’s their theme song. Enjoy!


February is almost over, are you still up on your resolutions? Started any new writing projects? Did you participate in last week’s #Kisspitch? Plan to participate in any upcoming Twitter pitch party events? Ever interviewed a character from a story before? How do you get to know your characters better?

PS I was messing around on a few weeks go and made covers for the trilogy. Then I made additional covers. Now I’m not sure which to choose, version 1 or version 2. Which do you like best?


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