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Happy IWSG Day! It’s the first Wednesday of a new month and we’re back together again. Us creatives, sharing our writing highs and lows. Thanks to bringing us together goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh.

The awesome co-hosts for today are: Raimey Gallant, Natalie Aguirre, CV Grehan, and Michelle Wallace!

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So what’s going on with me this month?

Well, I’m back from a week of coughing hell. I was sick last week. I coughed until my chest and throat burned. Had a headache, a fever, and a nonexistent appetite for half the week. Never again…knock on wood.

I’m now hale and hearty and way behind schedule. Of course, my sickliness alone wasn’t the cause of my lack of progress made. Lately, I’ve been feeling another bout of creative blahness. Which then also led to me procrastinate in doing other things. Like binge reading and binge watching anime on Crunchyroll. All the while, I’m still actually writing the story inside my head.

For example, I was stuck with the bonus short, “Taming the Beast,” from the Foreseen series. I had nothing but vague plot bunnies that just weren’t hopping. Yet during this time, I managed to finish writing the middle. And other parts of the story until there are two parts left, with new plot points, before it’s complete.

So either I’m making progress or no progress been made. Are you as confused as I am? Then the answer came to me in TED Talks. Maybe, the procrastination, lack of progress, starting quickly and slowness to finish is a culmination of my own creative process. One that will not lead me to an endgame of good enough. But to creating something that only I can write. That it’s alright to rush ahead only to slow down. Because I have to believe. Either by hook and crook, in the end, I would’ve written something great to share with the world.

February 6 question – Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

Hhhhmm, tough. Does reading count as a creative outlet? But when I was younger, arts and crafts were my creative outlets. I especially loved making bracelets and keychains using lanyard strings. Of course I only knew three stitches, the box, the barrel and the Chinese staircase. Found a few of the ones I made back in the 90s and became nostalgic.

What’s your creative process? Are your a prolific writer or a slow writer? What are your thoughts on Adam Grant’s theory of the moderate procrastinator? Agree or disagree? Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?

PS Are you participating in #CarinaPitch today? In any of the upcoming pitches like #Kisspitch on Valentine’s Day and #PitMad on March 7th?

A word, after a word, after a word is power.- Margaret Atwood



    • I’m with you on a cleaner first draft. If I can get myself to that point, the revision and editing process wouldn’t be hellish or take away the initial spark when I first started writing the story.


  1. I’m a slow writer like you. I work and have a lot of other things that take up my time. But I’m trying to write slower and keep track of my word count and plot points so that I don’t have as many revisions later. Sounds like you have a good way of looking at making slower progress.

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  2. Sorry to hear you were sick. Glad you’re better now. Nothing wrong with being a slow writer. I’m the same. Heck that’s why the turtle writers on Twitter were born. it does suck when you *want* to get things done, but there are things (mainly yourself) that get in the way.

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    • So true. I remember when I first got back into writing years ago how I use to lament over not being a faster writer and churning out books like that. Come a long way since then. Slow writers unite!


    • Me too, though I still have a lingering pesky cough. Good luck with your writing goals. I hope to have my second poetry book and paranormal romance novella series complete and ready to self-pub and/or submit by the end of 2019.


  3. I am a slow writer but hoping to become more prolific soon 🙂
    Yes, I will be participating in #KissPitch and #PitMad for my second romance novel.
    As to my creative outlets…reading, jigsaw puzzles, gardening, miniature dollhouses, crossword puzzles and coloring.

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    • Good luck with #kisspitch. At the rate I’m going I might not be ready and able to participate by then. Buy I already have publishers like Carina Press and Entangled saved on my Submittable profile for when I am ready. If I’m not pitching next week, I’ll be reviewing the feeds and supporting you and the other participants. And hopefully will be pitching alongside you in March for #PitMad.😁

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