2018 Tri-annual Writing Progress Report #3 & 2019 Writing Plan

Begin 2019 Write

It’s late but I’ve taken some time to review writing progress the last four months of 2018. Which led to create my 2019 writing plan. You can’t go forward without first looking back. I especially learned I can’t be anything but a plantser. And will never deviate from that writing style ever again!


  • Two short poem submissions to Write by the Rails “Back On Track Now” anthology

2019 Writing plan:

  • Revise, edit, submit, query/self-pub feminist poetry manuscript “Triplicity”
  • Submit more poems to Feminine Collective and other poetry publications


  • Uploaded Hellsgate character bios and prologue
  • Finish Foreseen bonus “Taming the Beast,” completing the Foreseen series


2019 Writing plan:

  • Write and upload Holidaze, a contemporary romance novella trilogy
  • Create multimedia design want ad for Holidaze series



2019 Writing plan:

  • Create character interviews, blurbs and start plotting Holidaze novella trilogy: Be Mine Valentina, Seeking Independence and Having Merry Christmas
  • Finish creating Youtube writing music playlist for Holidaze
  • Create character interviews and continue plotting Hellsgate
  • Edit “The Soul Traveler”
    • Submit to Writers of the Future contest
    • Query to #SFFpit, #PitMad, Tor Books, agents, publishers, etc
  • Edit “Foreseen” series
    • Submit to Carina Press Dirty Bits, Avon Impulse, Entangled Publishing, etc
    • Query to agents, publishers, #Kisspitch, #PitMad, etc
  • Continue new blog schedule of twice a month
    • First week of the month on Wednesday, IWSG day
    • Third week of the month on Monday

As you can see I won’t be doing the 85k90 writing challenge in 2019. Thanks to the challenge I do have four stories to edit. And will start the querying process for later this year. Once again Nadia the Fire Witch will have to wait. Although Dreaming of You from the Dream Brotha WIP series has been on my mind lately. So I might go back and tackle that story in 2019. Other than that, my other fantasy and romance WIPs will remain on hold as well. For I’ve entered the editing hell zone.

Have you accomplished all your goals for 2018? What are your writing plans for 2019? Have any upcoming releases you want to shout out?

PS Hosted my first cover reveal of 2019 for Meka James Saturday. Check out Anything Once due for release January 22, 2019.

PSS Couldn’t figure out which header to use so trying out the one that got the most votes. The ink blotter. How does it look?



    • Thanks Alex. And to help achieve my goals for the year, I’ll have manageable steps to accomplish each day. For Love Lines, first novella in Foreseen, edit three pages a day. The same for the second novella, so if #kisspitch next month is a bust, can try again w/ two works in #PitMad in March. As well as submit to Carina Press and other places. And or write/edit one poem a day, prefereably after March, for my Triplicity poetry manuscript. Maybe for NaPoWriMo on Scribophile where I’ve always gotten good critiques. Then focus on my ya fantasy during my blogging break from May through September. And when I need to take a step back, can work on plotting the new trilogy holiday romance novella.


  1. You’ve got an intense writing plan for 2019 and I am glad to see you are busy submitting your work and also working hard to share your writing. I hope things continue to go well ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

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