IWSG Day & Top Ten of 2018

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Happy New Year my fellow IWSGers! It’s a new year for us all. Where once again, for another year, we’re continuing our writing journeys. Sharing our writing joys and woes. Thanks goes to ninja extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh for creating this wonderful community.

The awesome co-hosts for today are:  Patricia Lynne, Lisa Buie-Collard, Kim Lajevardi, and Fundy Blue!

Interested in joining us? Click on the badge above. Our Twitter hashtag and handle are #IWSG and @TheIWSG.

So what’s going on with me this month?

Well this month I’ve been thinking about change. Making changes. But to do that, I have to review the past. One of these changes was finally updating my website. How does it look? Is it versatile and easy to navigate? Having any troubles with certain pages? Are there any other issues with fonts, color(s), widgets, etc?

Should I keep my old blog header?

Or use one of the three headers I created using pictures found on Pixabay and Canva.com? Which version do you like best? Version 1 with the four circles and foot steps? Version 2 with the old ink pot and blue background? Or Version 3 with the handwriting of the blog’s name?

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Let me know in the comments. Also, anyone familiar using the Apostrophe 2 theme on WordPress? I can’t figure out how to edit/input my own blog roll list.

Now in looking back to the past, here’s my top ten posts of 2018! From least to most views:

Paving My Author's Road Top 10 of 2018 2.0


10) IWSG Day & 1st Tri-annual Writing Progress Report

Insecure Writers Support Group New Badge

At 71 views, this post covers finding male heroes to the FMCs from my new romance novella idea. As well as my writing progress from January to April 2018. And my summer writing plan for 2018. I’ll be making my 2019 writing plan and sharing it on January 14th.

9) How to Build Your Street Team

How to Build Your Steet Team 2

At 73 views, this post was inspired by social media engagement. How that engagement can form relationships with groups of people. People who like and will support your writing through word of mouth.

8) Did You Know…Fullmetal Alchemist


At 77 views, this post celebrating the anniversary Fullmetal Alchemist, is making the top ten for the first time. Love the manga and the anime. Love the second anime adaptation Brotherhood even more as it followed the manga. As for the movie adaptation…meh.

7) How to Use a Word Cloud to Edit Your Draft


At 81 views, I wrote this post because it was one of the fun ways to edit that I learned and remembered from an online editing class. Until I first used a word cloud I wasn’t aware of other words I’d overused aside what I knew. As a writer we’re already aware of certain things about our writing. But there’s always a few things that manages to sneak by. The word cloud helps find those words we never realized we’re overusing.

6) To Love Triangles or Not to Love Triangles


At 87 views, this post made #4 in the top ten posts of 2017. It’s one of my favorite romance tropes. Along with fake fake/contract relationships and marriages. Plus I love guessing and getting right the OTP.

5) Dear Mommy Writers

dear mommy writters

At 96 views, this post was for all the mommy writers out there. Living both the writer’s life and mom life. So imagine how happy I was that this post is in the top five. It’s not easy writing, especially to publish, with all that entails and being a parent too. So to all the mommy writers out there, this post is for you!

4) Did You Know…Eyeshield 21

did you know...eyeshield 21

At 101 views, it’s the second Did You Know post about another of my favorite manga and anime. Though I still think they should’ve remade the ES21 like FMA did with Brotherhood. And keeping it canon, with no PG changes, exactly with the manga.

3) How to Write an Erasure Poem

how-to write an erasure poem

At 571 views, this post is back from it’s #2 spot in 2017 and is #3 again since 2016. I only wrote a post on how to write one version of an erasure poem. But seeing as it made the top ten list three years running maybe I should also write another post. This time covering the second version.

2) Six Reasons Why You Should Read The Hunger Games – A Banned Book Review

the hunger games trilogy photo

At 814 views, this post made #1 in last year’s top ten. I wrote it to shed more light on some of the reasons why a book, like The Hunger Games, get banned. And using those same reasons for why a book should be read. For a listing check out the American Library Association’s Top Ten Most Challenged Books .




1) Upcoming Winter Twitter Pitch Parties Not to Miss

upcoming-winter-twitter-pitch-parties-not-to-miss (1)

At 860 views, this post offered a listing of Twitter pitch parties. During the winter months from January to March. Including a new pitch party for romance writers #Kisspitch. Which I hope will come back again next month (still waiting for the announcement). Also don’t forget that #IWSGpit is on January 15, 2019.

There it is, my top ten of the year. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year’s. And continue visiting my blog as I continue with my new reduced blogging schedule of twice a month. And enter editing hell.

What were your favorite posts from 2018? What would you like to see more of on the blog this year? What changes do you plan to make or undergo in 2019? Do you have a writing plan for 2019?

What did you get/give as present for Christmas? What’s the worst Christmas present you’d ever received? I only got a box of chocolate. I wanted to get Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire. Even sent my husband a link to get the book and planned to act all surprised too. Good thing I’m a chocoholic.

January 2 question – What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing?

The least favorite question people ask about my writing? It’s ‘how much money have you made?’ What they’re really asking ‘is writing that profitable?’ And, maybe it’s in my head, ‘how much could you really be making, you’re no [insert famous bestseller here]?’

As for my favorite question people ask is where they can find/buy my work. And how I came up with the idea to write something a certain way. The second especially gets to me because it states the profound effect my writing had on them. There’s no greater praise than that.

Happy New Year! Begin 2019 Write





  1. Happy New Year!

    I love version three, the one with the ink pot. It spoke to me when I saw it and told me immediately this person has to be a writer.
    Wishing you much success in 2019, that you get everything accomplished that you undertake to do.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes it is. Didn’t realize until late last night that some of the book cover images on my WIP page didn’t link to where you can read them on Wattpad. Wondering what else I’m missing is giving me shivers.


  2. Happy New Year! I’ve already voted on your new header. And yay for changes. I’m attempting some myself with trying out a WordPress blog for the year. I’ve been a Blogger gal since I started but it seems the writerly types all love this platform so I’m giving it a go.

    And love your countdown of your best post of the year. That’s the first time I’ve seen that. Best wishes in 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year! Good luck coming over to WP. Took me forever to make up my mind about moving over from Weebly. Loved their drag and drop. And was concerned about WPs learning curve in managing its features. In the end, I’m glad I did make the move. Let me know when you’re WP blog is up and I’ll follow you.


  3. I like the footsteps to dots one, version one… I don’t do WordPress blogs because my brain doesn’t seem to understand how to make them work, so I’m no good to you! Wish you all the best in this new year!

    Liked by 1 person

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